An Interesting Twist Is Teased In Synopsis For Episode 7 Of Arrow

Arrow 3

While season three of Arrow was far from terrible, it was definitely something of a disappointment. Ra’s al Ghul never really lived up to expectations, and the series made some other decisions (mostly to do with Felicity crying each and every episode rather than being the fun presence she had in previous years) which were baffling. It’s a relief then that season four of Arrow has so far been nothing short of downright excellent.

Today, The CW has released the synopsis for the upcoming seventh episode of Arrow, and while it’s fairly brief, it does drop some potentially very interesting hints about what’s to come.

JAMES BAMFORD DIRECTS — Team Green Arrow’s ongoing battle with Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is complicated by a shocking revelation. Thea’s (Willa Holland) bloodlust returns and she loses control in front of Alex (guest star Parker Young). James Bamford directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Keto Shimizu.

What could that shocking revelation be? Green Arrow has already discovered that Captain Lance is working with Damien Darhk, and this certainly sounds very personal. One possible and very popular theory doing the rounds is that the villain will be revealed as Felicity’s father, but that seems a little far fetched in all honesty.

Also, for those of you wondering why the synopsis for this episode of Arrow makes a point of mentioning that James Bamford is directing, that’s because he’s the show’s stunt co-ordinator, so you can guarantee that this is going to be an action-packed instalment of the comic book drama.

Tell us, what do you think the “shocking revelation” will be? Sound off below and let us know.