The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Netflix’s Newest Docuseries

Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, not to be confused with the new Fox drama series about the creation of a Christian television network Filthy Rich, is a docuseries about the life, death and afterlife of Jeffrey Epstein that premiered on Netflix earlier this week. Considering the highly topical subject matter, it was only to be expected that the show would elicit some strong emotions from viewers, and elicit strong emotions it did.

Given the powerful impression that Epstein – whose supposed suicide by hanging while held in custody for sex crimes in late 2019 remains subject to controversy – has made on our culture, it might be interesting to see what folks over on Twitter are saying about this difficult-to-watch series. And below, you can find a sample of the reactions.

Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich is the latest story to come out of the #MeToo era. Together with films like Kitty Green’s The Assistant – a fictional story constructed from the non-fictional experiences of several dozen young women working in the film industry – as well as Jay Roach’s Bombshell, it reflects on and raises awareness of sexual misconduct happening in the workplace.

While Epstein may have been apprehended by the law, many of his close friends and associates who have been accused of similar crimes continue to evade justice. Because the fallen financier was a prominent figure in American high society, viewers are sure to encounter a lot of familiar faces in Filthy Rich, including Donald Trump. Although the president of the United States has denied time and again to have been a friend of Epstein’s, the docuseries shows them hanging out together quite a lot.

In the past, some people have worried that the culture surrounding #MeToo, and the way it has changed people’s thoughts about sexual assault, only contributed to society’s ever-growing divide by fanning flames of hatred. However, as the reactions toward Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich clearly show, the most prominent emotion that stories like these evoke is that of sympathy for the victims – and it’s a sympathy that aims to heal rather than hurt.