Iris West Suits Up In New Set Pics From The Flash


“We are the Flash.”

When Iris West said those words to Barry Allen earlier this season, a sizable chunk of the viewing audience let out a groan similar to what they’d normally let loose whenever Felicity Smoak offers up such a gem. But, in truth, Iris was just showing moral support for her super husband.

Or, at least, that’s what we thought at the time.

Now, however, it looks like those words are to be taken quite literally because it seems as though Iris will be suiting up at some point later this season. Thanks to the folks at Canadagraphs, we have a couple images to present showing actress Candice Patton clad in an undefined superhero costume. The notion is kind of absurd, yes, but you have to admit that her threads are more stylish than anything Ralph Dibny has worn this year.

What’s more is that, according to Comic Book Movie, reports are saying “that at one point West hands over a criminal to the CCPD, and ‘her actions strongly suggested she did this with super speed.'” If that’s to be believed, then I guess Patton finally got her wish granted that her character one day fight alongside that of her colleagues’.

Notably absent from these shots is Barry himself, so one has to wonder if he’ll still be incarcerated when the episode eventually airs. I mean, we know that’ll be the status quo for the immediate future, but how exciting can this show be for the long haul when its lead is behind bars? This isn’t Prison Break, after all.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.