Iron Fist Calls Upon An Old Friend In Latest Set Photos For The Defenders

Defenders 2

Colleen Wing enters the fray in the latest wave of set photos for The Defenders, Netflix and Marvel’s team-up series that’s due to premiere in 2017. Getty Images has the haul of high-res, copyrighted images (via CBM), which you can find through this link.

Joining Wing on the streets of NYC is Iron Fist himself Danny Rand (Finn Jones), and here we see both characters dressed down in civvies, presumably exploring a crime scene under the veil of darkness. Elsewhere, it appears Danny and Colleen have a curious onlooker in the form of Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, who can be seen scoping out the surroundings from afar.


Other shots include a New York police unit investigating an overturned car that is quite literally crushed into the ground. Could this be the workings of a superpowered individual? We’re inclined to believe so, but with only these enticing photos to go on, it’ll be some time yet before we can form a clearer picture of what The Defenders has in store. At least with Iron Fist to look forward to in March – a solo series that will feature both Danny Rand and Colleen Wing – there’s every chance that Netflix and Marvel will capitalize on the buzz and premiere the first footage from The Defenders soon after the turn of the year.

The Defenders is one of three Marvel series due to hit Netflix in 2017. Before the heroes of Hell’s Kitchen band together to combat Sigourney Weaver’s as-yet-mysterious big bad, Netflix subscribers will be introduced to Danny Rand and the world of Iron Fist on March 17, 2017, while a Jon Bernthal-fronted Punisher series is also on the way.