Iron Fist May Not Wear His Classic Costume On The Netflix Series


At this point, we’ve had a couple of teasers and quite a few official stills for Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist, but not a single sniff of the character’s classic yellow and green comic book costume in any of them. Though it’s entirely possible that the outfit reveal is simply being held back for the show itself, we did get at least one shot of Daredevil‘s iconic red suit ahead of its premiere, and because of this some fans have begun to worry that Danny Rand may remain costume-less for the duration of the first season.

During an interview with Extra, star Finn Jones was asked when we might see the debut of the Immortal Iron Fist’s brightly colored duds, and responded with the following:

I mean, who says there’s going to be a costume? I mean, this is a modern…. I can’t say any more. Marvel’s gonna kill me. There may be a costume, there may not be.

Though this is far from confirmation one way or the other, Jones definitely seems to feel he’s said too much about it, and his words have been taken a number of different ways. Most people are leaning towards this being a suggestion that Rand will indeed sport some type of superhero outfit, but that it’ll be a more modern take on the one fans will be used to seeing in the comics.

Tell us, would you be disappointed if the Living Weapon didn’t suit up at all, or would you rather that happen than any massive liberties being taken with his unmistakable comic clobber in Iron Fist? Sound off down below and let us know!

Source: Extra