Iron Fist Premiere Date Set For March 2017, New Teaser Released


Mike Colter’s Luke Cage is, unsurprisingly, the talk of the town on the heels of last week’s premiere. Buoyed by a strong debut in last year’s Jessica Jones, we learned just recently that Marvel and Netflix reshuffled their slate so that Cage leaped ahead of Iron Fist, the standalone series designed to introduce viewers to the fourth and final member of The Defenders. But Danny Rand’s time will come – and soon.

That’s because Marvel and Netflix have now pegged Iron Fist for premiere on March 17, 2017, unveiling the show’s all-new teaser coupled with a shot of Finn Jones’ would-be master of kung fu in action. Unlike the trailer that emerged during San Diego Comic-Con, the snippet below is more a means of unveiling that all-important release date than anything else.

But to get you up to speed, Iron Fist follows Jones’ Danny Rand, a young orphaned boy who grows up deep within the Himalayas, where he is educated in the deft art of kung fu by the mystical monks of K’un-Lun. A homecoming is in the cards, though, and it isn’t long before Rand’s hero circles back to Hell’s Kitchen to use his newfound abilities to tackle the city’s criminal underbelly head on. Jessica Henwick and Lewis Tan also star, while Dexter alum Scott Buck will take point as showrunner.

Iron Fist will pummel his way onto Netflix on March 17, 2017. It may not be the only Marvel series to do so next year, considering Jon Bernthal is back on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen for The Punisher spinoff. We’ll be keeping tabs on each series as they near their respective premieres.