Finn Jones Is Back In The Dojo Training For Iron Fist Season 2


Having only just gone and saved New York City from catastrophe – at the expense of The Hand and Midland Circle, no less – one might assume that the Defenders deserve a vacation, or some other form of respite to take the load off and, ultimately, recover from the events that rocked the Big Apple.

Turns out that’s not the case, though – far from it, in fact – as Marvel and Netflix are currently spearheading new instalments of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. All three standalone series are expected to premiere sometime in 2018, and though the Powers That Be took a little longer than expected to issue the go-ahead, a second season of Iron Fist is also in the works.

Having drafted in new blood in Raven Metzner (Elektra), who takes over showrunner duties from the outgoing Scott Buck (Inhumans), Iron Fist season 2 is said to be targeting a production start in “four or five months.” That’s according to lead actor Finn Jones, who can be seen back in the dojo (read: gym) training for the show’s sophomore outing.

First spotted by Screen Rant, this behind-the-scenes snap emerged via an unofficial Finn Jones Twitter account, and came bearing the caption: “Finn [has] already started his martial arts training for Iron Fist season two!”

With the promise of better fight choreography and a new showrunner at the helm, there’s a good chance Iron Fist season 2 will offer a shot at redemption to the haunted Danny Rand. Granted, while the standalone series struggled to leave much of an impression on critics, it’s worth noting that Buck’s spinoff became the most-binged drama premiere of 2017. Not bad, eh?

Netflix is notoriously secretive when it comes to viewership, but it appears The Defenders drastically underwhelmed, too. Perhaps The Punisher is just what the doctor ordered?

Regardless, preparation for Iron Fist season 2 is officially underway. Now it’s only a matter of time before we catch a glimpse of Danny Rand sporting the classic costume, right?