Iron Fist Star Finn Jones Says The Show’s Cancellation Is A Shame


While Iron Fist isn’t the worst thing that’s been released under the MCU banner (hi Inhumans), it’s right at the bottom of the barrel. Leaving aside all the white savior stuff going on, Finn Jones’ Danny Rand was a pretty annoying character and, worst of all, the fight sequences in a show ostensibly about martial arts looked absolutely terrible. The second season was a slight improvement on the first, but it wasn’t a great surprise when Disney and Netflix announced that it’d been cancelled.

Anyways, stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick were at the Rhode Island Comic-Con this weekend where they were quizzed about their feelings on the abrupt end to the show. Via @ClareKramer on Twitter, here’s what Jones said:

“It’s just a shame that the show gets canceled right when Danny reaches his peak … it feels like the journey is incomplete.”

Well, maybe his journey might have been a little more complete if they’d have put a bit more effort into that mind-blowingly dreadful first season. Just saying…

Iron Fist‘s quality might not have been the final deciding factor, though. There are reports spinning around that almost all of Marvel’s Netflix shows have been underperforming since their first seasons, with Daredevil the only exception to the rule. And, though they deny it as the reason, Disney’s about to launch their own streaming service which will broadcast all kinds of exciting MCU series, including ones about Loki, Scarlet Witch and the recently announced Falcon/Bucky team-up.

If the Netflix shows were still a growing concern, they’d have one arm of the company competing with another, and I’d imagine that’s something that Disney just wouldn’t be up for.

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