Is Game Of Thrones Actor Finn Jones Playing Iron Fist For Marvel And Netflix?


UPDATE: Deadline has now confirmed this story.

Take this with a massive grain of salt, but That Hashtag Show claims that they know who will be playing the lead role in Iron Fist for Marvel and Netflix. According to their report, which you can watch above, the man chosen to play the titular hero is none other than Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones, who is most well known for playing Loras Tyrell on HBO’s hit series.

While the outlet has been on point with Marvel-related rumors in the past, it’s still important to approach this one with caution. The studio has given us little indication of which talents they’ve had their eye on for the role, and not too long ago we had heard that they wanted to go with an Asian actor.


That being said, as That Hashtag Show points out, casting Jones does make sense and falls in line with Marvel’s plan of having little known actors in the lead roles of their shows and then bringing in a big name for the villain.

Either way, with a showrunner now set, it only makes sense that the search for a lead actor has come to a close. After all, about a month ago we had heard that someone had been cast, and with these new rumors surrounding Jones now popping up, it’s got to be a matter of time before we hear something official from the studio.

Until we do, though, check out the report above and let us know if you think That Hashtag Show is correct in who they think will be leading Marvel’s Iron Fist.