Is Moon Knight a hero or a villain?

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Image via Marvel / Disney

MCU fans are set to get a variety of new additions over the course of the next year as Marvel Studios continues to bolster its lineup of characters with new films and TV series.

The next project to land on Disney Plus is Moon Knight, which will introduce fans to Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, along with a ton of new characters who are also new to the MCU. Ahead of this, you might be wondering where Moon Knight fits into the Marvel status quo.

Longtime Marvel Comics fans will be happy to learn that the character doesn’t seem to have changed too drastically for his on-screen adaptation, but those who aren’t as familiar might be wondering whether Moon Knight is a hero or the exact opposite.

Is Moon Knight a hero or a villain?

Moon Knight is a hero in almost all of his appearances, but his debut wasn’t so straightforward. The first time we saw the character appear was in Werewolf By Knight #32, when he was tasked with hunting down Jack Russell.

In this issue, Moon Knight takes on Russell when he turns into his beast form before tracking him down the next day at the request of a group called the Committee. While the volume positions Moon Knight as the antagonist for the majority of its duration, in the end, Moon Knight rebels against the Committee after finding out that it plans to use Russell as a weapon.

From this point on, Moon Knight continues to be positioned as a “good” character. Obviously, this continued to be the case for his guest appearances in Defenders, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and his solo outings.

Now that the character is set to enter the MCU, it doesn’t seem likely that this will change. Fans can get to know the hero even better when Moon Knight hits Disney Plus on March 30.