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Is Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ based on a book?

Every good story comes from somewhere.

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Netflix has a new hit on its hands with the courtroom crime drama The Lincoln Lawyer. The series landed on the streaming platform on May 13, dropping its entire first season.

The series stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in its leading role alongside Becki Newton, Neve Campbell, and Christopher Gorham. Since its launch, both critics and audience alike have shared their praise for the show.

For many viewers, the show’s name may be familiar and there are a few different reasons that this could be the case. If you were wondering whether The Lincoln Lawyer was adapted from a book, here’s all you need to know.

Is Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ based on a book?

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Yes, Netflix’s latest drama series The Lincoln Lawyer is based on a book. The series is adapted from the 2008 novel The Brass Verdict written by Michael Connelly.

In The Brass Verdict, Mickey Haller lands his biggest case yet defending Hollywood executive Walter Elliot following the death of lawyer Jerry Vincent. The Brass Verdict is a sequel to Connelly’s 2005 novel also titled The Lincoln Lawyer and follows the same protagonist attorney Haller after the events of the first book.

The Lincoln Lawyer novel was previously adapted for the screen in 2011’s film of the same name that starred Mathew McConaughey. While this story does come prior to the one being told during the Netflix series, the show doesn’t seem intended to be a follow-up to the film.

Those eager to check out more of the story have plenty of content to check out. Following The Brass Verdict, there are four more entries into Connelly’s book series. These are The Reversal, The Fifth Witness, The Gods of Guilt, and The Law of Innocence.

If you’d prefer to simply watch the show, this is still good news as it means there is plenty of content for Netflix to adapt into new episodes going forward.

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