Is ‘New Girl’ leaving Netflix?

Netflix is host to so many different films, television shows, and limited series that it can be hard to keep track of everything arriving on and leaving the platform.

If you’ve noticed that New Girl has suddenly reappeared in Netflix’s Trending category, its not just due to all the people re-binging every holiday episode of the charming sitcom. It’s also thanks to numerous rumors claiming that New Girl will be leaving Netflix when 2021 comes to a close. The claims have sparked a panic among fans of the show, most of whom assumed it would be sitting pretty on Netflix—available for casual viewing at any time—for years.

There’s good news for hopeful New Girl fans out there: the series isn’t leaving the platform entirely. But fans in certain areas of the world are in far less luck, because the quirky series won’t remain available to everyone once we ring in 2022.

It joins several other popular series, including Prison Break, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy that are headed for removal from Netflix accounts belonging to people in Australia and the United Kingdom. People living in several European regions will also lose access, according to What’s On Netflix, including those in “France, Germany, and Italy as well as Nordic countries and Asian regions such as Malaysia and the Philippines.”

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be losing access to New Girl, just head over to your Netflix account for some confirmation. Anyone who’s New Girl-viewing days are limited will see a prominent banner displayed over the series main page, proclaiming that the “last day to watch” the series is on “31 December.”

Disney is snatching back up a number of its more lucrative properties, it would seem. Joining New Girl and Grey’s Anatomy in their exodus are Sons of Anarchy, How I Met Your Mother, and, in select regions, Homeland. Viewers in the above-listed regions should still be able to watch the series, however, so long as they have access to a Disney Plus account.

Viewers within the United States will still have access to this full list of shows — for now, at least. Chances are reasonably good that Disney Plus will soon become host to a number of these series, but U.S. viewers can sleep easy knowing that they aren’t leaving Netflix just yet.