Italia Ricci To Play Silver Banshee In Supergirl Season 1

Silver Banshee

Supergirl received a full season order last month, so it makes sense that the cast continues to grow. The latest addition comes in the form of Chasing Life star Italia Ricci as Silver Banshee, a character who could be portrayed in any number of ways.

She started life off as a Superman villain, but The New 52 reboot has actually made her a close friend of Supergirl’s and a hero of sorts. However, the official description for the small screen version makes her sound more foe than friend.

In fact, this take on Silver Banshee is Cat Grant’s latest hire who at first becomes a work nemesis for Kara. However, she later proves a more deadly foe for Supergirl when she takes on the mantle of DC Comics villain, Silver Banshee.

That answers that then, but as this is a recurring role for Ricci, there’s always a chance we’ll see her go down a slightly less villainous path as time progresses. I guess we’ll find out f or sure when the character debuts in episode 14.

Season one of Supergirl has so far done a very good job of providing new takes on characters from the comic books, and while some of the villains have been a little forgettable, the potential for something special with Silver Banshee is definitely there if she’s handed the right way upon her introduction.