It’s Time For A Funeral In First Look Images From Arrow Season 4, Episode 19

If you were hoping that the next episode of Arrow would reveal that the Black Canary is somehow still alive, these new images confirm that Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance is most definitely gone for good. Clearly showing her body in the hospital and the character’s funeral, it seems that a resurrection or twist of any sort is definitely off the table.

That’s something which has angered a lot of Arrow fans, especially as it’s widely believed that the main reason for killing Laurel off is because the character will appear in Justice League. After all, the Suicide Squad movie is why the show has killed off the likes of Amanda Waller and Deadshot.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has also ruled out the possibility of a surprise return, so don’t hold your breath for that:

“No, no. We’ve done that. We’ve done a fake death before. And that’s the thing, it’s like we’re always you know trying to figure out, what’s the way to do this? You know that fake out when she was okay and then she wasn’t, was again our attempt, you know? How do we do a death that we haven’t done before?”

Many viewers have threatened to boycott Arrow because of the death, so it will be interesting to see if the ratings do indeed take a hit come April 27th.

Tell us, do you think Arrow made the wrong decision by killing off Black Canary last night? If so, who would you have preferred to see end up in that grave? Sound off below and let us know.