iZombie EP Says We Won’t Find Out Who Stole The Cure Until Season 4

Although it was absent from airwaves for nearly a year, iZombie has handily succeeded at making viewers feel right at home by maintaining its unique blend of drama, horror, comedy and romance (check out our five-star review for the current season if you had any doubt), while generously adding new elements to the mix.

One thing, however, that has remained a constant since the inception of the series is that of Ravi’s tireless quest at finding a cure for the zombie virus. Just last season, he developed one, albeit with major side effects – or so we thought. As it turns out, Blaine was faking his memory loss for the most part and we’ve been sitting on a viable cure for the entire time.

CBR recently caught up with executive producer Rob Thomas and asked if the show would even be possible with a cured Liv, to which he said:

“Not very. I feel like that would be tough. However, that’s a good question to ask me right around the time we’re approaching syndication, because I think it might be easier for me to see it then.”

Seeing as how TV series aren’t considered for syndication until they approach their hundredth episode, that’s code for “not any time soon.” Plus, we wouldn’t have a show to watch if Liv weren’t a zombie, now would we? Well, at least we wouldn’t have the one we’ve come to love, as it’d be stripped down to a standard police procedural if we weren’t being treated to seeing Rose McIver essentially playing a new character each week.

Getting back to the cure, the wealth of working samples were pilfered from Ravi’s office, with the culprit being unknown. Obvious suspects include Blaine and Don E., but unfortunately, the answer won’t be shared anytime soon, as Thomas added:

“Liv and Ravi are going to spend time investigating that. Our intention was to pay that off in the season finale, and it got cut due to space, but we will pay it off. It will just have to be early in Season 4. You’ll get an answer to that! Liv and Ravi do try to find that out, but the payoff that was supposed to happen this season didn’t quite make it into the cut of the finale.”

I think we can all agree that cutting something that important due to space is a bit ridiculous. Think about it: They’ve introduced a huge mystery in episode 6 of a 13-episode season for a show that’ll probably remain as a mid-season player if it does get renewed. Therefore, we may not learn the truth until – gasp – early to mid-2018.

iZombie airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

Source: CBR