Jada Pinkett Smith Won’t Return For Gotham Season 2


Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham looks set to lose one of its prominent villains at the end of the current season. Since the show debuted, much fanfare was made about Jada Pinkett Smith’s treacherous baddie, Fish Mooney, one of the city’s criminal kingpins who was designed specifically for the series. By ushering in the freshly minted character, Gotham’s creators were able to instil a certain degree of mystery to her existence. In particular, would she live a fruitful life, or would she perish?

According to an interview on this morning’s Live With Kelly and Michael (via/Film), Pinkett Smith seems to believe it will be the latter. When asked if she was staging her return for the show’s second season, she replied:

“I don’t think so, no. I signed for a year and the year is up. But, there are some great things coming ahead on ‘Gotham,’ believe you me, there’s a lot of good stuff coming.”

In addition, the show’s producers issued the following statement:

Fish Mooney’s storyline takes a lot of interesting twists and turns into the finale of season one of Gotham.

Interesting twists and turns leave it wide open for producers to craft a suitably brilliant demise for Fish, or to sequester her away for later appearances. The show’s host, Michael Strahan, went on to suggest that the character could re-appear later on, to which the actress said, “She could show up anywhere, you never know.”

While the news brings a certain downbeat energy with it – as Pinkett Smith has been a brilliant baddie – she doesn’t seem in the least bit concerned with her exit:

“I get to play a character who gets to do extreme things,” the actress said. “She’s evil — that’s always fun. I’m having a good time.”

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.