Is Jaimie Alexander Teasing A Return As Lady Sif In The Loki TV Show?


This week, it was officially confirmed that Tom Hiddleston would be reprising his role as Loki in a spinoff TV series coming to Disney’s new streaming service Disney+. Despite the God of Mischief’s intense popularity, this will be the first time that the anti-villain has headed his own vehicle, so there’s a real opportunity here to expand Loki as a character and the Asgardian mythology as a whole.

Given that, could a familiar face from the Thor franchise that we haven’t seen for a while make a comeback in Loki’s series? We’re referring to Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif, one of Thor’s best friends who nonetheless wasn’t even mentioned in Ragnarok. What’s  got us thinking about this is the fact that the actress took to Twitter recently to share an image of Sif along with the humorous caption: “Today’s mood.”

Sure, this could just be Alexander engaging with her many Marvel fans and treating them to a Sif joke, but the timing of it does lead us to believe that her post could’ve been prompted by discussions that she might be having behind the scenes to reprise the role for the new MCU series. After all, she’s already played the part once on the small screen, back in a couple of episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2.

There’s definitely material between Loki and Sif that could be mined in the trickster’s own series, too. The big connection they have is that Loki possessed her body for a while during his Lady Loki phase. We don’t see that becoming a permanent deal in the show – unless Hiddleston’s only available for a limited time – but it’s still possible that this major plotline could be alluded to in some form.

Story details are being kept under wraps right now so all we know is that, like the other MCU shows coming to Disney+, the Loki project will be a mini-series consisting of 8 episodes, enjoy a hefty budget and will come under Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios’ jurisdiction (rather than Marvel Television).

We’ll keep you updated as and when we hear more, but for now, tell us, would you be into seeing Lady Sif return? As always, be sure to make yourself heard in the comments section.