James Gunn Corrects HBO Max On Spelling Of Peacemaker’s Eagle Sidekick

Image via HBO

The internet found a new hero yesterday when DC FanDome brought the first trailer for HBO Max series Peacemaker, and it wasn’t even one of the human characters. We are of course talking about Eagly, the avian sidekick that’s set to partner up with John Cena’s titular antihero as he dispenses his unique interpretation of justice.

As we’ve seen with Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket and Groot, not to mention The Suicide Squad‘s King Shark, James Gunn knows a thing or two about creating CGI characters that audiences instantly fall in love with, and Eagly will be no different if the reactions to the footage are any indication.

HBO Max may have funded the project and given Gunn the freedom to craft Peacemaker in his own image, but it turns out that the streaming service can’t even spell the name of the show’s potential breakout favorite correctly. The filmmaker called out his paymasters on Twitter for their error, as you can see below.

Trust somebody running a corporate-sponsored social media account to try and capitalize on the buzz, only to make a mistake that sees them called out by the creator of the project it was trying to hype. Minor faux pas aside, Peacemaker promises to be an episodic superhero adventure the likes of which we’ve never seen, and Eagly is going to be a key part of that.