James Gunn posts BTS images of the incredible ‘Peacemaker’ opening sequence

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Peacemaker debuted last week on HBO Max and vastly exceeded expectations. James Gunn’s show expanded on the story of The Suicide Squad and was ultraviolent, hilarious, and weirdly touching. It also features an all-time great opening credits sequence, with the characters performing a smoothly choreographed dance to Wig Wam’s glam metal stomper ‘Do Ya Wanna Taste It’.

Check it out:

Gunn is rightly proud of the intro, which he had high ambitions for:

“Part of my goal is to vanquish the Skip Intro button. People work really hard on these things, and you want the audience to be paying attention when their names go by. Having the viewers do that for all eight episodes would make it well worth doing what we did.”

Now he’s posted a series of behind-the-scenes images on Instagram showing off what it took to bring all this together:

After that opening and the deranged action within the episodes, I’m completely sold on Peacemaker and can’t wait to see where it goes next. One particularly interesting element is Robert Patrick’s Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father. He’s now in prison, though it appears that’s exactly where he wants to be.

Making any plot predictions (other than a high body count) feels pointless, as Gunn has clearly been given the freedom to do anything he likes with this weird corner of the DCEU. Whatever else happens, I’m tuning in each week for the rest of the show and, just as Gunn intended, I absolutely won’t be skipping the opening credits.

Peacemaker airs on HBO Max on Thursdays.

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