James Gunn reveals interesting detail about Vigilante’s costume

Image via Warner Bros.

James Gunn’s whole schtick when he tackles a Marvel or DC project is to grab a lesser-loved character from the comics, give them a head-to-toe reworking, and then turn them into a firm fan-favorite. And that’s definitely what the Guardians of the Galaxy director has done with Vigilante on Peacemaker. Gunn has managed to transform the hard-edged Punisher-esque hero from the comics into a goofy, lovable nut job, as played by Bridgerton‘s Freddie Stroma.

Though his personality is totally different from the source material, Peacemaker has accurately brought the Vigilante costume to the screen, complete with his recognizable red visor. But it turns out the headgear actually serves a specific purpose for Adrian Chase that hasn’t been revealed on screen. One fan asked Gunn on Twitter if Adrian’s visor was prescription, as he wears glasses full-time in his civilian guise.

“Yes it’s prescription,” Gunn confirmed in response.

Gunn’s comment raises another big question, though. If Adrian’s visor is prescription, that suggests he had it custom-made, which must mean that there’s an optometrist out there somewhere who knows he’s Vigilante. But Adrian’s always been so obsessed with keeping his secret identity secret, so how does that add up? Well, one fan came up with the most likely explanation.

Vigilante’s custom-made visor reminds us that, though he generally acts like an idiot and an overenthusiastic fanboy, he’s actually good at what he does. His altercation with White Dragon and his goons in prison proves that he’s much more capable than he appears, and the time he almost got his baby toe cut off shows his surprisingly high tolerance for pain. Though he started out as an annoyance, Adrian has made himself an indispensable member of Team Peacemaker.

Peacemaker reaches its season finale next Thursday on HBO Max.