James Gunn Says This Show On Streaming Is “Definitely Worth A Watch”

James Gunn is known not only for his time directing incredibly movies like The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, but also for dropping tons of little tidbits about shows or just plain what he’s up to over on Twitter. He’s shared everything there from his thoughts on kickstarting the creative process to minor spoilers for Guardians Vol. 3.

Now, it looks like he’s got a suggestion for a show he wants all his fans to check out. In a recent Tweet, Gunn recommended 15 Minutes of Shame as a must-watch show. Check out his post about it below.

15 Minutes of Shame is a show that discusses public shaming by someone who’s lived through it in one of the most extreme manners in public history — Monica Lewinsky. For those who don’t know, Lewinsky was a former White House intern who had an affair with Bill Clinton during his time as president.

She’s been back in the public eye to discuss things like cyber-bullying. In a recent interview with Trevor Noah, she talked about being “patient zero” for what we might call “cancel culture” today.

“I don’t know what you think about cancel culture and the term ‘cancel culture,’ but I think, for me, it’s just become a little too broad,” Lewinsky told Noah.  “I think that really what felt important was for people to come to understand what happens in these shamings, and what does it feel like to be on the receiving end of that tidal wave of negativity. It has exacerbated from being just shamed; it also can be violence, and that violence — particularly for women — it doesn’t just live online.”

If you want to check out 15 Minutes of Shame on James Gunn‘s recommendation, it’s available now on HBO Max.