James Gunn Thanks Marvel For Bringing Thanos-Copter Into The MCU


Marvel’s latest Disney Plus series, Loki, has brought plenty of unlikely comic book characters and objects into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but in the most recent episode, it paid homage to one of the most obscure.

During episode five, “Journey Into Mystery,” the wreckage of the comic-book vehicle, the Thanos-copter, can be seen. This delighted Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who thanked Marvel for finally bringing the hilarious addition into the MCU.

Gun shared a post about the Thanos-copter back in 2015 before Avengers: Infinity War had taken place with hopes that it would come to be a part of the Mad Titan’s kit. Sadly, it made no appearance in any of the Avengers films.

Thanos-copter joins the list of comic book easter eggs showcased in Loki, with episode five also bringing Frog Thor into the fold. The show is said to be setting up the multiversal future of the MCU, where fans can expect more of these additions in the series final episode on July 14.

Gunn may no longer be working on any projects within the MCU, but in his upcoming film The Suicide Squad, which will be the first project for the director set in the DC Universe, he hasn’t held back on bringing the obscure elements of their comic book universe to the screen. The most obvious of these being the roster of characters Gunn has chosen to take part in his rendition of the Suicide Squad, but comic book fans can expect more throwbacks in the film when it officially launches on August 6.