Loki Episode 5 Features A Hilarious Thanos Easter Egg


Today’s penultimate episode of Marvel’s Loki managed to squeeze in a ton of easter eggs and references, many of which are deep-cuts into comic book lore that we never expected to see acknowledged in the MCU. Case in point, Throg – the frog version of Thor – is now canon. Who’d have thunk it? What’s more, the episode dropped a hilarious Thanos-related easter egg that you might’ve missed.

Episode 5, titled “Journey Into Mystery,” sees Loki trapped in The Void, a wasteland realm at the end of time that’s home to various discarded relics, monuments and items. At one point, the God of Mischief and the other variants walk through a field strewn with broken vehicles. One of these is a bright yellow helicopter with Thanos’ name written across it. Casual Marvel fans may have frowned when they saw this. Those who know all about the bizarre chopper no doubt lost it. Yes, it’s the Thanos-copter in live-action.

Check it out for yourself via the screenshot below:

The Thanos-copter has only made sporadic appearances in the comics, but it’s become an infamous meme amongst fans for its sheer unlikeliness. The vehicle debuted in Spidey Super Stories #39, released in 1979, in which the Mad Titan piloted it as part of his quest to get his hands on the Cosmic Cube. And, yes, it looked exactly like it does in Loki – just an ordinary helicopter, that’s way to small for the hulking villain, with “THANOS” on the side.

This means that it’s now an indisputable fact that Josh Brolin’s Thanos, the most fearsome being in the universe who wiped out half of all life in existence, has ridden around in a bright yellow chopper with his own name written on it. If we take nothing else away from Loki, at least we have that.

Loki reaches its season (but probably not series) finale next Wednesday on Disney Plus.