James Norton Takes The Lead Role In McMafia For The BBC


Following the international success of Luther and The Night Manager, the BBC and BBC Worldwide are continuing their run of hard-hitting drama with global appeal by setting James Norton (War & Peace) as the lead actor in the upcoming McMafia. The story is inspired by the novel, written by Misha Glenny, and presents a globetrotting tale that charts the far-reaching ramifications of criminality.

Created by Hossein Amini (Drive) and James Watkins (The Woman In Black, Bastille Day), McMafia will follow British man Alex Godman (Norton), whose parents have a history of involvement with the Russian mafia. His new, legitimate lifestyle is threatened by that past, however, and he is forced to confront those criminal elements in order to save those he loves. The story is designed to examine the relationship between the corporate and the criminal, and how that relationship has changed as a result of globalization.

The development of McMafia by the BBC may bring criticism from some quarters, being yet another drama that focuses on a male lead caught up in extraordinary circumstances – forcing that male to undertake actions he might otherwise never consider. Such was the thrust of the popular Luther and The Night Manager. However, with the increasing audience share these series are delivering, we will hopefully see a broadening of those horizons soon enough.

Source: Deadline

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