Jamie Lee Curtis promotes animal adoption to honor Betty White at Oscars

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

When the world learned of Betty White’s passing on Dec. 31, everyone collectively agreed that the loss was untimely and heartbreaking. While she lived a beautiful and fulfilling 99 years, we all hoped for 99 more with her.

Many of her friends and loved ones have shared nods to her in the months since she passed away, and tonight at the Oscars, Jamie Lee Curtis was given the privilege of sharing a moment in memory of her friend.

In an interview before the Oscars, Curtis shared that she would give a special honor to Betty White at the ceremony. She also shared that wearing a designer like Stella McCartney, who is also an animal lover, was very important tonight. Curtis wanted to honor White’s dedication to animals and her great love for them in everything she did at the Oscars. We know she made White very proud.

True to her word, she acknowledged White’s love for animals and used the moment to encourage fans to make a difference in remembrance of everyone’s favorite Golden Girl. During her speech, she also held an adorable dog while clips of White played in the background. Curtis encouraged her fans to adopt an animal in her memory.

Of course, animal adoption comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s a heartwarming and life-saving experience. Visiting a shelter can bring you face to face with a furry friend who needs love and care, and you’ll end up believing the age-old notion that, after adopting an animal, you’re not sure who really saved who.

In White’s honor, several friends, fans, and loved ones have donated to shelters and animal causes. If you’re looking to continue bringing White’s beautiful spirit into your day-to-day life, options for volunteering are endless.