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Jason Bateman says ‘Ozark’ was never designed for binge-watching

Jason Bateman reveals the best way to appreciate 'Ozark'.


Jason Bateman has some strong opinions about how best to consume Ozark.

In an interview with Variety, Bateman answers whether or not he thinks the binge-watching model is best for the Netflix series.

“Not really. There’s a lot of good shows on right now that are taking advantage of this long-form style. [Showrunner] Chris Mundy and his group did a great job of making each episode satisfying in a self-contained way, but also putting in the requisite — I hate the word cliff-hanger, but stuff to get you eager to see the next episode. There was always something that left you needing more. They really took advantage of just how broad and deep this ensemble is. They created a lot of compelling storylines and characters.”

Suffice it to say, many Ozark viewers probably can’t resist firing up the next episode to find out more about how the Byrdes get out of whatever problem they’re facing. Bateman understands the love of the show and commended the writing and the character work throughout, believing it to be accessible for all kinds of viewers.

“There was something in there for everybody, so even if you were bored by one storyline, there was always another one that might be more up your alley. And there was also just the general relatability of the whole thing. At its core, ‘Ozark’ is a show about a family. Everybody’s got one of those. In our show, a bag of money and a gun are just the things that makes all those family dynamics more complicated, and that’s kind of a fun thing to watch.”

Ozark seasons one through three released the episodes all at once, while season four was split into two parts. It’s critically acclaimed with riveting storytelling that keeps people on the edge of their seats, answering questions while posing new ones, but to truly appreciate it, Bateman recommends appreciating each episode’s self-contained nature.

Ozark season four has remained in Netflix’s top 10 shows ever since it dropped, and fans were eager to find out how the series would end. The season began by showing the future event with the Byrde family in a bad car crash, so no one could blame people for wanting to reach the end to discover who all survived and who didn’t. Now that the series is over, it could be useful to go back and watch the series more slowly to get the most out of it.

The finale of the series left many fans reeling after the untimely fate of a beloved character. In a show like this, getting out unscathed is extremely unlikely, but Bateman broke down the major death for fans to better understand the storyline.

Every season of Ozark is streaming on Netflix.

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