Jason Isaacs joins Tom Holland in Apple series ‘The Crowded Room’

Jason Isaacs
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Apple TV’s The Crowded Room is filling to capacity with an exciting new cast announcement. 

Jason Issacs, star of The Good Sam, is set to star alongside Tom Holland in the upcoming anthology series. The news came three months after another significant casting announcement was made as Amanda Seyfried signed onto the project. 

Deadline first reported the news of Issacs joining the cast today, and he’s not the only one heading to the series. Lior Raz, Fauda star, is also set to play a part in The Crowded Room

The series will highlight true stories of those living with mental illness, and more information about the series was previously shared by Deadline:

The Crowded Room is an anthology series that will explore inspirational stories of those who have struggled, and learned to successfully live with, mental illness. The 10-episode first season is based in part on Goldsman’s own life, and inspired by Daniel Keyes’ biography The Minds of Billy Milligan.”

Issacs will play Jack Lamb in The Crowded Room, a friend of Danny Sullivan’s biological dad and the employer of Yitzhak, who Raz is playing. Yitzhak is Sullivan’s landlord, and it’s noted that he’ll be an important figure in his life.

Tom Holland stars as Danny Sullivan, who is “loosely based” on Billy Milligan — the first person to be acquitted of a crime due to the diagnosis of disassociative identity disorder, known then as multiple personality disorder. 

You can read more about the true story of Milligan in an Esquire piece that dives into the account and Milligan’s life and diagnosis. The Crowded Room does not have an official release date as of yet.

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