Jason Statham Being Courted For Bullseye Role In Marvel’s Daredevil

Jason Statham as Parker

Matt Murdock may have put the Kingpin behind bars at the end of Daredevil‘s debut season, but that doesn’t guarantee that Hell’s Kitchen will remain safe for long. In fact, the Man Without Fear may face off with his deadly nemesis Bullseye next year, and if this new rumor proves true, it’s not going to be an easy fight.

According to Latino-Review, Marvel is currently courting action movie superstar Jason Statham to play the sharp-shooting assassin, who’s long been rumored to appear in Daredevil‘s second season (and even made our own wishlist). If true, this is exciting news, as Statham has proven himself time and again as a convincing badass on screen and even took a villainous turn in this year’s Furious 7. 


This actually isn’t the first time his name has been brought up in relation to Daredevil, either, as he was once in talks for the role of the blind vigilante in Joe Carnahan’s proposed reboot that never got off the ground at 20th Century Fox.

Shooting for Daredevil‘s second season is said to take place later this summer, so more announcements could be coming our way shortly. Until they do, though, let us know how you feel about Statham playing Bullseye in the comments section below!