Jason Statham Drops Out Of Daredevil Negotiations


Well, this was certainly unexpected.

Yesterday, rumor hit that Jason Statham was circling the villainous role of Bullseye in Marvel’s Daredevil, which was met with widespread excitement across social media. Now, we’re hearing that the Furious 7 actor has removed himself from those negotiations, because of that information leak.

That’s right, Jason Statham was very much in talks to play Bullseye, but has now taken his name out of the running due to the fact that the news broke early.


This sad and sudden update comes from Bloody Disgusting, who report the following:

“Long story short? [Statham] was legitimately in heavy negotiations for the role and the leak killed it. Perhaps his agent saw the positive uproar and instantly upped the actor’s asking fee? Perhaps the studio spotted the same excited reaction and preemptively killed the deal out of fear of Statham’s management going for more money? Who knows. The bottom line is that yesterday the Crank star was at the top of the list and deep in negotiations and today Marvel has moved on to other pastures.”

This isn’t the first time that trigger-happy reporting caused a rift behind the scenes; the same thing happened with Marvel and Joaquin Phoenix over Doctor Strange just last year. A site reported that Phoenix was in talks for the role, the story blew up across social media, and the attention ultimately soured the deal.

As previously reported, production on Daredevil‘s second season is expected to begin at the end of this month or the beginning of next, so we should hear about who will replace Statham as Bullseye in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, though, let us know how you feel about this update in the comments section below.