Jeff Probst announces the winner of the 41st season of ‘Survivor’

Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor has just wrapped its 41st season, and this latest addition to the long-lasting reality-TV series broke the mold by announcing its winner for the second ever time immediately, from Fiji, rather than in a live finale episode back in the US.

The winner of season 41 was none other than Erika Casupanan, who beat out the other four finalists to bring home the one-million-dollar prize during the finale.

During the epic three-hour-long finale, Ricard became the first contestant to get the chop after Xander played his idol for immunity, and the votes went to Ricard, Ricard, Ricard, and Deshawn.

This elimination paved the way for Erika to secure victory following the elimination of Heather in a neck-and-neck fire-building challenge against Deshawn. Facing off for the jury in the final three were Xander, Deshawn, and Erika.

Ultimately, by taking Erika through with him to the finale, Xander sealed his own fate. All three finalists had very different playstyles during their time on the show. Erika played a strategic game of making useful alliances while remaining under the radar until the very end.

During his time on the island, Xander was able to play the game, securing himself multiple immunities that helped to pave his way to the finale and crafting friendships alongside most players.

Deshawn played the game well by also crafting strategic alliances that ultimately led to him surviving the merge and making it to the finale.

At the end of it all, Casupanan’s plan proved to be the most effective, and she became the very first Canadian winner of Survivor.