Jeffrey Dean Morgan Might Not Return For Supernatural Series Finale


With Supernatural beginning the end of its 15-season run this October, longtime fans of the show (and the stars as well) are being hit hard in every one of their feels. We’re getting ready to say goodbye to characters we’ve been following for almost half our lives, but in the final season, we’ll get to see them one last time. Well, maybe not all of them.

John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is apparently not yet confirmed for the show’s last run. At the annual Television Critics Association’s press tour, EP Eugenie Ross-Leming had some things to say about Dean and Sam’s dad returning one last time, and apparently, he implied that we probably won’t be seeing JDM.

Despite this, Supernatural fans can still retain a little hope. After all, words like “indicates” and “feeling” usually mean that nothing’s set in stone. Ross-Leming’s thoughts about the Winchester patriarch’s return in “Lebanon,” the 13th episode last season, are dead on, though.

It was a pretty emotional outing, even for a show known for its heartfelt reunions. The boys have reunited with their friends, family and each other countless times. And in almost every instance, it was a damn tearjerker. The final dinner between Dean, Sam and their parents John and Mary was a long time coming though and it wrapped up John’s story very well.

That is, until it was announced the show was ending. Now, fans can’t wait to see who’ll be returning. The cast and crew have promised an insane ride in the last season, and the news that the boys’ half-brother will finally be back is just the start. Adam will show up to (hopefully) fight alongside our heroes one last time and we can only pray that we also get to see Bobby, Mary, John, Ellen, Jo, Gordon, Ash, and Sheriff Henriksen, as they all have the potential to come back for one last ride when Supernatural returns to The CW for its final season on October 10th.