Jeffrey Wright offers ‘Westworld’ season 4 update

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It’s been a while since we last watched an episode of Westworld, hasn’t it? The fourth season of Jonathan Nolan’s popular sci-fi series was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, much like many productions across the entertainment industry. But according to Jeffrey Wright, who portrays Bernard in the series, the upcoming run is just around the corner.

Of course, since it’s been nearly two years from the premiere of the season three finale, most viewers might find themselves in dire need of a recap. Even folks who consider themselves diehard fans will probably have a hard time telling you what really went down in the previous outing, but given the show’s track record, it must have been one hell of a mind-bender.

Now, it appears that Nolan and Lisa Joy are preparing to take us for another intricate and surreal ride, one that’ll probably end with viewers questioning the nature of their reality and incessantly quoting cool and obscure Shakespearan lines to their peers.

In fact, according to what Wright recently told Deadline, the crew is currently busy with post-production work on season four.

“We wrapped last December, but I’m not exactly sure when it’s coming out,” He said. “Season 4 is going to be more of the Westworld you’ve come to expect and more digging down into some issues and some technology that is going to look familiar to us, as always. It’s gonna be exciting. I’m not sure exactly when we’re to air but within the coming months, certainly.”

Wright also revealed a bit about what awaits his character in the near future, saying:

“Bernard is still trying to solve it all and he is still very much a part of the struggle. The struggle goes on, and Bernard is right there at the center of it. It’s gonna be fun.”

The actor ought to be more careful with his wording, there. After all, if there’s anything Westworld has taught us, it’s that these violent delights have violent ends.

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