Jenna Ortega admits she had an inkling that the major ‘Wednesday’ twist was coming

Image via Netflix

Warning: Spoilers for Wednesday to follow.

It’s safe to say what Netflix’s new favorite day of the week is after Wednesday, which cheekily debuted on the same weekday you’d expect, and began its woe-happy takeover of the platform in the blink of an eye, dethroning season four of Stranger Things as the most watched English-language Netflix series within just two weeks of its debut.

Indeed, Wednesday seems like it’s here to stay, and it’s no difficult task to see why; Jenna Ortega brought out-and-out perfection to a titular role whose characterization was undoubtedly the x-factor of the show’s success. Toss in the charming and accessible supernatural high school setting, a crowd-pleasing murder mystery plot, a strong supporting cast, and love for its Addams Family roots, and there is no question why Wednesday is wreaking havoc on the charts the way it is.

If there’s one critique to be leveraged at Wednesday, it would have to be the convolution of its plot; with so many moving pieces and just as many shifting suspects, to say nothing of how many past events throw themselves into the mix, one may be forgiven for losing track of Wednesday’s plight to the point where they struggle to comprehend what Mrs. Thornhill’s motives are by the time they come to light.

Nevertheless, the reveal of Thornhill as the villain was undoubtedly one that kept us on our toes until the very end, but in an interview with ET Online, Ortega revealed that that wasn’t the case for her. She also remarked how she quickly turned her attention to what Christina Ricci, who plays Marilyn Thornhill in the show, would bring to her performance with it.

“I kind of anticipated it. I was just excited to see what she would do because it’s one thing to read something on a page. I’ve never done something so fantasy-oriented either, so I was wondering what this is going to look like. Christina was saying, ‘I have a gun in my hand and you’re going to tell me that a bee lands on it and we decide not to shoot.’ There’s a lot of logical things that you question, but then again, with a show like this, it’s campy and fun and it’s not supposed to be taken seriously.”

Wednesday is currently available to stream on Netflix.