Here’s How Jensen Ackles Wants Supernatural To End

Supernatural Season 13

When you think about it, it’s kind of hard to believe that whenever we bring up Supernatural in conversation a year from now, it’ll be in retrospect. After being a loyal fan myself since the very beginning, joining Sam and Dean Winchester on their hunts has become part of my weekly routine. But now that we know season 15 will be the last, well, it’s time for the “SPN Family” to brace ourselves for an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Of course, everybody has their own idea of how the series should end. Truth be told, I’m sure that some fan fictions detailing possible conclusions already exist online – though I hope they’re not ridden with lurid fantasies as they often tend to be.

While speaking with E! Online, series star Jensen Ackles first reiterated how he and his colleagues feel now is the right time to walk away:

“The conversation’s been going on about when, when is the time? I think he and I always wanted to never see the show fizzle, never run out of gas. We wanted to go out strong, we wanted to go out while we were still able to give the quality of product that we’ve been giving for the last 15 years. We just—we took a lot of people into account. We talked to a lot of people. It was certainly a collective decision that was very difficult to make.”

But if you were looking for an answer to the question of how Ackles wants the journey to end, he did give a response:

“I think whatever it is, it’s got to be the brothers together. That’s been the core of this show since the beginning. I think it’s really what the fans want to see. I think regardless of who comes knockin’, I think whatever is done it’s about these two brothers and their journey. I think that’s really where the heart of the show should reside.”

I know that wasn’t entirely specific, but he does have  point. Still, I’m not completely sure that one or both Winchesters will make it out alive. After fifteen years of this stuff, it stands to reason that not everyone will be satisfied by the conclusion. I’m just hoping that Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer are able to craft something that makes sense and puts smiles on the faces of most viewers.

Supernatural returns with new episodes on Thursday nights this fall on The CW.