Jensen Ackles teases the craziness of ‘The Boys’ Herogasm episode

Image via Amazon/YouTube

The Boys‘ hotly-anticipated third season will premiere on Amazon Prime in early June. We’ve now seen an incredible trailer for the upcoming episodes, confirming that Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher will receive powers, showing glimpses of gore, and several incredibly bizarre sequences.

We also know that at some point this season will adapt the infamous ‘Herogasm’ story from the original comics. This sees Voight’s heroes announcing they need to head into space to protect Earth from intergalactic invaders, though they’re actually heading to a private island for the orgy to end all orgies.

Exact details of how the show will depict this is under wraps, though Jensen Ackles (who’ll debut as Soldier Boy) teased that what went down shook the crew to their core. Speaking at a panel, he said:

I think everybody knows that they somehow managed to tackle Herogasm this season. How we did that I will not say, but holy s**t. I’ll give you just a little story. I walked on set, not to say that was in that particular scene, but I was working that day. I walked up our camera operator who was eating a sandwich. He had this really troubled look on his face and I said “Hey man, what’s going on? How’s it going on there?” And he goes “Man, I’ve seen some s**t today!” And I was just like “Oh! Oh, no!” So, yeah! Good times.

This also tallies with comments made by showrunner Eric Kripke, who posted a tweet last June claiming that what they’d shot for ‘Herogasm’ are “the craziest f*cking dailies I’ve ever seen in my career”:

The Boys has pushed the limits of what can be shown, said, and done in a superhero TV show, or for that matter, any TV show. Right now it looks like the third season is going to descend even further into absolute balls-to-the-wall anarchy. Where they go from there is anyone’s guess, but I have a feeling they’ll find a way to top it once more.

The Boys will return on June 3, 2022.