Jeremy Renner Spoils How Disney Plus’ Hawkeye Begins

In less than two weeks, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fifth Disney Plus series of the year arrives when Hawkeye launches with a bumper two-episode debut, and fans of the franchise can barely contain their excitement.

As the marketing campaign has continued to gather speed, we’ve been finding out more and more about the festive fun-filled adventure, which has been described by various key creatives in terms as disparate as “absurd” and “dark”. One thing that definitely falls into the latter camp, though, is Rogers: The Musical.

The internet has been going nuts ever since the in-canon musical extravaganza was first unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, and it turns out that the stage adaptation of his fellow Avengers’ life is the reason Clint Barton comes to New York City, as Jeremy Renner revealed in a new press release.

“It’s six days till Christmas, and [Clint]’s in New York because he got invited to see a musical about Steve Rogers.”

While that’s a little spoilery in terms of setting the plot in motion, that should at least reassure the fanbase that Rogers: The Musical isn’t just a tease, but an integral part of Hawkeye‘s premiere. Campaigns to see it made into a spinoff of its own have already popped up all across the internet, and that’s only going to intensify when the series lands on Nov. 24.