Jeremy Renner Wants To Wear Hawkeye Costume To School To Impress His Daughter


With the Disney Plus series Hawkeye around the corner, actor Jeremy Renner visited Jimmy Kimmy Live where he divulged he apparently goes to some lengths to convince his daughter he is indeed the titular hero.

Renner requested he be able to keep his costume after making the series, following a long track record of sadly not being able to keep any souvenirs from the Marvel movies. The actor, who once boasted his own app to connect with fans, explained he needed the superhero suit to wear it to his daughter’s school so he could impress her.

When asked whether he thinks he would embarrass his daughter by showing up in the costume, Renner explained that whenever he picks her up from school, many kids come and say hi, but he’s not sure if all the attention makes her feel good or bad.

“By the way, this is the face of someone who doesn’t give a flying f about it. I’m making those kids’ days!” he said.

Renner will co-star in Hawkeye with Hailee Steinfeld as Kat Bishop, Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop, Fra Fee as The Clown, Tony Dalton as Swordman, Alaqua Cox as Echo, Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez, and Florence Pugh as returning Black Widow character Yelena Belova.

We’re excited for the show not only for Renner’s return as Clint Barton, but Steinfeld’s turn as fan-favorite Kate Bishop, a role for which the actress reportedly learned archery for real.

Hawkeye Premieres on Disney Plus on Nov. 24, 2021.