Jersey Shore Season 2-11 ‘Girls Like That’ Recap

So now that Angelina is finally gone the crew can let loose and celebrate. In fact, Pauly D puts it best when he says at the start of the episode that the bad aurora in the house is gone. To make it final, Sitch and Pauly remove Angelina’s bed out of their room and throw out all the stuff she forgot at the house.

While trying to remove Angelina’s bed from the room, Pauly and Mike run into a bit of a situation. The bed won’t fit through the door. After numerous attempts to get it through, they finally succeed and are able to carry on with the cleanup.

That night Sitch buys some lobsters and starts to prepare dinner. Snook is disgusted that Sitch is going to kill the lobsters to eat them so she devises a brilliant plan. Along with JWOWW, she decides to rescue and save one. What ensues only further leads us to believe that Snooki is the world’s dumbest person.

After the gang has dinner, JWOWW and Snooki start talking about the note. Snooki then goes to talk to Sam about it. It seems to be going fine but then JWOWW joins and there’s a bit of tension. Bottom line is Sam still wants nothing to do with JWOWW, she makes that very clear. JWOWW does apologize but Sam doesn’t think it’s sincere.

The next day JWOWW, Mike, Pauly and Ron go to the gym and Vin calls Ramona, his girl who stood him up a few weeks back. He makes a date with her to go to the beach. As he waits for her to come over, he starts to get nervous. She’s taking an awful long time.  While waiting, Vin receives a call from two other girls. He thinks Ramona has stood him up again so he tells the girls he’ll meet up with them.

A few minutes later, Ramona calls and says she is on her way. Now Vin has a bit of a situation on his hands. He quickly calls the other two girls back and cancels. He meets up with Ramona and the two go to the beach. Their date goes very well and Vin is very happy. It seems like they genuinely like each other and they both seem pleased with their outing.

That night the gang heads out to Klutch. Situation has his keen eyes on and he realizes there are lots of grenades, it’s like a war zone. Pauly reminds us that safety comes first and Situation tells us “Back in the day they had the prophecy, that one day there’d be a pimp of all pimps and his name would be the Situation.”

As usual, Sitch is way too aggressive with the girls which makes Pauly look good. Situation also starts pissing off Snooki and back at the house there’s a bit of tension between the two. It seems like the gang is getting annoyed with Situation.

The next day Ron and Vin head to work, Sitch and Pauly do some G.T.L and Snooki and JWOWW go out and invite Sam to come with them. Sam declines their invitation and decides to stay home. Snooki’s friend who came to visit joins Snooki and JWOWW and the three of them go out.

Snooki’s friend proves to be just as stupid and obnoxious as Snook and a couple scenes ensue that show off just how dumb these girls are. As the episode progresses, the gang once again gets ready to go out.  They’re all having a good time at the club and Ramona shows up which makes Vin very happy.

Situation has his eyes on Ramona and tells us she’s one of the hottest girls he has ever seen. Vin leaves Ramona for a second to go to the washroom and Situation attempts a burglary. He tells us “everybody knows I’m a pimp, you know that’s how it is man,my grandpappy was a pimp, his grandpappy was a pimp, I’m about to get to business right now.”

Ramona is having none of Situation’s burglary and when Vin comes back she tells him about Situation’s attempted robbery. Of course Vin isn’t too happy with this. Situation still has no chick and he’s getting upset. He even tries to hook up with Snook but then for some reason smacks her in the face which upsets her. This of course starts a fight and the rest of the gang weighs in on the issue. They tell us that Situation is out of control and he’s just not fun to be around.

As the episode ends, everyone is at the club and they’re upset with Situation. Situation is upset with himself that he doesn’t have a girl and that the rest of the gang is pissed at him.

This wasn’t one of the better episodes, in fact it was pretty weak. Situation dropped two great lines but aside from that, there wasn’t a whole lot of material that was entertaining. Even T-shirt time got overlooked, Pauly D only announced it once. I’m happy to see Vin finally get that girl but it looks like Situation may be a bit jealous. Could we see Situation fight one of the other guys? Possibly Vin? The crew is getting pretty annoyed at him and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone puts him in his place.

We’ll have to wait until next episode to see. Remember to check back next week for our recap.