Jersey Shore Season 3-07 ‘Cabs Are Here’ Recap

This week on Jersey Shore, the long overdue departure of Sam finally goes down, and we also see one of the biggest Ron/Sam fights yet. What else happened you ask? Check out our recap to find out.

As we begin, the crew wakes up and Ron tells Sam that the way she acted was uncalled for. Sitch talks to Sam about Ron and he tells her that things are just never going to get better because of Miami. She walks away and says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Ron overhears Sitch bringing up Miami to Sam and he gets upset. That’s not cool bro. Ron says that Mike plays both courts.

Ron then tells Deena and Pauly about Mike bringing up Miami to Sam. He says he’s going to put Sitch in his place. Pauly decides to hit the boardwalk with Ron to calm him down and get his mind off things. Meanwhile, Sam goes with Deena to the boardwalk and they go to the bar. They have some girl time and hangout for a while. Sam thinks she spots Ron talking to a girl on the boardwalk so she starts hitting on a guy at the bar. To get Ron back.

Later that evening Ron and Sam have their first fight of the episode, about Situation. As Sitch walks into the house, Ron turns his attention from Sam to Sitch and starts chirping him, the drama begins. They start arguing while the rest of the gang watches. Ron then lets a bomb drop as he calls Sitch out for confirming the contents of the note to Sam back in Miami. They continue their fight but luckily it doesn’t get physical. Sitch apologizes, which shocks everyone. A quick hug and some kind words by Stich is all it took to get Ron to calm down. He even offers to buy him a cotton candy!

In other news, JWOWW goes on a date with Roger that night. They head to a Mexican restaurant on the boardwalk. Things don’t go well though, Roger is a local so everyone knows him. They keep getting interrupted and JWOWW just wants alone time. She gets a bit pissed.

Back at the house, as the girls get ready to go out, Ron heads out with the boys. He tells us single Ron is coming out to play. There’s another fight though before they head out. Sam starts crying and Ron tells her to get out of his room. Vin and Pauly are downstairs listening to the fight and loving it. Ron starts taking Sam’s clothes and throwing them out of the room, telling her she’s not welcome in the room. Sitch tries to mediate but it’s no use. He goes downstairs and tells the crew that he needs their help.

Ron has escalated and he tries to throw Sam’s bed out of the room. Finally the boys get him to leave Sam alone but Sam doesn’t let up. She chases after him and the gang has to intervene before things get bad. It’s easily the worst fight we’ve seen and as Sitch says, it’s like a five car crash, it’s horrible, but you can’t keep your eyes off of it. To end things off, Ron throws all Sam’s stuff on the porch.

Eventually, the boys head out and meet up with JWOWW and Tom at the club. Back at home, Snook and Deena try to move Sam’s bed downstairs….I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest. It’s like the Snooki and JWOWW doorknob incident but ten times worse. And then Snooki’s analogy at the end of it all just tops things off. After their shenanigans, they head out, to the same club as the boys, for some reason.

Sam decides to get back at Ron by finding a guy. It seems to be working also as Ron gets jealous. He’s pretty pissed and Sitch takes him home, before things get bad. As they arrive home, Ron goes to his room and starts throwing out all Sam’s stuff. When Sam gets home and sees her room she starts crying. Ron has broken everything of hers.

Sitch and Ron are sitting on the roof talking and Sam comes up to confront Ron. Ron sends Sitch downstairs and Ron and Sam begin another fight. He tells her that she disgusts him in so many ways and to never talk to him again. He can’t believe that she would dance with guys in front of his face.

The next morning, the gang talks about Ron/Sam over breakfast. Pauly tells us that he’s stressed over their relationship, and that’s not right. Why should HE be stressed? He then says that if this keeps up, he’s going to get a phonebook, look up what shore houses are available and stick Ron and Sam in their own house.

During the day, Snook and Deena head to a bar where a guy brings them some drinks. An awkward scene involving tight shorts ensues and then we cut back to the shore house. Sam is sitting in her room, not sure what to do with herself. She eventually decides that she needs to leave, now.

She packs her bags and starts to say her goodbyes. Ron finds out that she’s leaving and he seems surprised. He goes to talk to her, not sure why. They have one final chat. Some tears are shed, some words are said and they say their goodbyes. Ron tries to get her to stay and breaks down crying. It’s not working though. She has decided that she needs to leave.

As the cab pulls up, Pauly gives a ‘cabs are here’ and Sam heads out. Cue the cheesy music and as the episode ends, we see Sam saying goodbye, getting in the cab, and heading home, as Ron sits crying on the porch.

Despite the never ending Ron/Sam drama, I actually liked this episode. Sam is finally gone, which I’ve been waiting for for a long time and the fights here were surprisingly entertaining. Ron really loses his cool. The episode also had some other highlights including Snooki and Deena trying to move the bed, and Situation and Ron’s fight, which was interesting to see since the boys rarely fight.

I’m betting that Sam will end up coming back at some point this season. While she’ll be gone for a bit I don’t think she’ll be gone for good. It’ll be interesting to see where the show moves its focus now that she’s out of the picture. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.