Jersey Shore Season 3-09 ‘Kissing Cousins’ Recap

This week on Jersey Shore, Ron’s father comes to visit, pranks are played, Vin goes for round 2 with the toilet and someone makes a surprise return.

Kicking things off, we see Snooki and her guy that she brought home, waking up. Snook kicks him out right away though due to his lack of cuddling. Fair enough, I guess. She then goes to call Nick, the guy from a few episodes back. Turns out, the guy she was with last night was more of a ‘hit it then quit it’ guy so she needs someone new now.

Pauly goes to wake up Sitch and Deena so they can get to work. At work, after a couple hours of tough labour, the gang goes for a break. They hit the boardwalk and play some games, which they epically fail at. Mike wastes a $100 on a game and still can’t win the bike so he offers to just buy it. They get back to the shop and Danny isn’t too pleased.

Back at home Ron calls his dad and tells him that he needs him and to come down. He arrives pretty soon after and the two hang out for a bit. Ron tells his dad about Sam and everything. He then tells us that his dad talked him off the ledge and gave him the strength to stick it out. Later that day, the gang arrives home from work and they try out Mike’s new bike. It’s a mini toy bike yet the guys are loving it. I mean, I guess it does look kind of fun. Pauly tells us it’s the first time since Sam left that he’s seen Ron smiling.

Meanwhile, Snooki tries to call Nick and he doesn’t answer. She keeps calling back but there’s no answer and she gets worried. JWOWW calls Roger and asks if he’s heard from Nick. Roger tells us that Nick told him that he heard Snooki hooked up with three guys, all of which are friends and apparently they’re all cousins of Nicks, or something like that. Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m just as confused as Snooki was when she found out. Meanwhile, Vin is still pissed about the broken toilet. He tells us he’s having a boxing match with the toilet and he got knocked out in the first round so he’s going back at it. He tries again but once again fails and leaves defeated.

That night, the gang gets ready to go out and they head to the club. Nothing new here, same deal as every other episode. At the end of the night, they arrive home and Snooki goes to Vin’s bed to cuddle. He tells her she doesn’t want to do this and to go to bed. He leaves and she gets upset. Vin says he’s not ok hooking up with Snooki the night after she hooked up with someone. Can’t blame him.

The next morning Ron calls Sam. He tells her he almost left and he’s not alright. He tells us he likes her but they can never be just friends. If she comes back he can’t be in the same house as her, it’s that simple. He tells Sam that she’s his life but surprisingly she’s not biting, she tells him she needs to be home.

Later that day, Snooki and Deena have a marshmellow fight for their ‘weekly act of stupidity.’ While making a phone call, Sitch notices marshmellows all over the house. He’s confused, to say the least. Deena and Snook ask him to call them a cab and he does so but he tells the cab to take the two of them to Times Square in New York City, instead of the bar. Epic.

While in the cab, Deena tells Snooki that people think she’s dumb but she’s really not. Oh, the irony. The cab is taking them to Times Square and the girls literally have no idea, they still think they’re going to the bar. Eventually, they get it. Took long enough. They start freaking out and they realize Mike pranked them. To be honest, it’s a pretty good prank if you can find two people stupid enough to play it on.

Back at home, the guys get ready to go out for dinner. Mike’s taking an awful long time to get ready though. It turns out to be too long and the guys leave without him. Sitch eventually comes downstairs and finds the guys gone. He’s not pleased. Instead, he goes with JWOWW to get food. For some reason, JWOWW think it’s a good idea to drive with two dogs on her lap.

Back at home, Sitch has a percy dinner and pigs out on his feast. He even has conversations at the table with an imaginary Vinny and Ron. JWOWW overhears him and starts laughing. Back at the restaurant, the boys are having a great meal and loving it. They all eat a bit too much though. Vin tells us that everytime he eats there he wants to die. The boys all end up with a bad case of food comas. They come home and just lie down, unable to move.

We then come to Sam, apparently she’s going back to the Shore, for no apparent reason. Her mom and sister tell her to be strong and not fall for Ron again. Sam tells us she’s heading back into the madness.

Eventually Snooki and Deena get home. They run in pretending like they had a great time. Snooki then tells Mike that he doesn’t want to be friends with him anymore. Mike is confused, he says they had a good time yet they don’t want to be friends with him. He tells us once again that Snooki and Deena have defied the laws of intelligence.

As the gang gets ready to go to Karma, Sam arrives. She walks in the door and Ron looks at her, in shock. Everyone else is surprised and runs to say hello but Ron goes all quiet and walks outside, without even so much as saying hello. And so the episode ends.

Overall, I liked tonight’s episode. I’m not happy about Sam being back but it was good to see the show getting back to its old ways. More ‘jokes’ things happening and less relationship drama. The stuff with Snooki and Deena in the cab and the boys ditching Mike were both really funny and I think the escalating feelings between Vin and Snooki could be interesting. We may see them hook up before the season is done.

Sam returning is definitely going to cause for some drama but despite what Ron has said, I don’t think he’ll move out. I don’t think they’ll get back together but I bet he’ll probably stick it through until the end of the season. It’s only a few more weeks. What will be interesting to see is how he reacts when he sees her with other guys, which will inevitably happen. Will he freak out like he did previously or will he handle it in a mature manner? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see.