Jersey Shore Season 3-10 ‘A Cheesy Situation’ Recap

In this week’s aptly titled episode, A Cheesy Situation, the show returns to its roots. Little relationship drama, little fighting bullshit, little perfunctory scenes and a lot of jokes scenarios and humours moments. Picking up where we left off last week, Sam arrives back at the shore house, shocking Ron and immediately creating tension in the house. Sitch tells us it’s back to the old Ron and Sam saga. Great. Ron finally says hi to Sam and they share an awkward encounter.

While the girls talk about Ron, the guys make fun of Sam and Sitch tells Ron that he feels bad for him. Eventually the crew gets ready to go out to Karma and Snooki says she wants to cuddle with Vin tonight. He tells her that if she doesn’t want him to bring home any girls he won’t. She says she wants to try again with him and it seems as if he’s DTS (down to Snook).

At the club, things are super awkward between Sam and Ron. He’s trying to suck up to her but she wants him to suffer a bit more. He’s acting like a puppy dog, he keeps chasing after her, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Snooki starts telling Sam that she has feelings for Vin. Unfortunately for her though, he’s found a girl at the club and she has a friend for Pauly. They’re DTF so Pauly and Vin take them home. Snooki isn’t too happy and Sam takes her home, to see Vinny. When the girls get home, Snooki sees Vin with his girl and gets really upset. Ron tries to calm her down and points out that she hooked up with a guy not too long ago. Snooki eventually heads to bed and Ron talks with Sam. She tells her she’s not going to just fall back into his arms. Ron’s crushed but accepts it.

Meanwhile, JWOWW and Deena are heading home from the club and have to go pee. They can’t find a washroom so they go in an alley, where JWOWW manages to pee on Deena’s foot. When they arrive home they find Snooki crying in her bed. Ron tells Vin that Snooki is upset but Vin points out the same thing Ron did, Snooki brought a guy back the other night. He says she’s a hypocrite. JWOWW tells him that he better go talk to her and so he does. He tells her that she’s drunk right now but in the morning they’ll talk about it. He leaves and Snooki remains crying in her bed.

The next day the gang goes bowling. Turns out that Deena is the world’s worst driver. Pauly says he just spilt his coffee, and he doesn’t even drink coffee!! He’s scared for his life. Luckily, they make it to bowling in one piece. While there, Sam taks to Vin about Snooki and says that he has to talk to her. She tells him to do the right thing. When Vin gets home he goes to talk to Snooki. She tells him to go away though, she wants to be alone.

Later on, the washroom problem returns. This time Ron steps up to the plate and attempts to fix it. Toilet paper up his nose and plastic bags on his hands, he enters the war zone but immediately retreats. He’s choking on the smell and needs backup. He calls in the rest of the guys and they simply stand there, horrified and what they’re seeing. Situation puts it simply when he says ‘it’s just not a good situation, I can’t even elaborate.’ They finally decide to call a plumber. They go to work and get the situation fixed.

That night, Ron Sam and Snooki go out and have a sober night, for once. They head to a restaurant while the rest of the crew hits the club. They go to Aztec which looks like quite a dumpy establishment. Ron, Sam and Snooki arrive home first and they decide to get Mike back and prank him. They take a bunch of different cheese and put them between his sheets.

Back at the club, Pauly has found a DTF girl and he tells us to add him to the smush board. Everyone eventually arrives home and Mike brings home a girl. Sam tells us Mike’s beer goggles are terrible and she’s right. The next morning Mike tells the girls that the girl he was with smelt like grated cheese and he had to kick his girl out. Snooki is thrilled. Sam is also extremely satisfied. Mike tells us he had to spray the bed with AXE. As the episode comes to a close, Snooki apologizes to Vin and they make up.

Personally, I thought this was a great episode. Team Sober’s prank on Mike was epic and one of the funnier moments we’ve seen all season. The increasing sexual tension between Vin and Snooki is interesting and although at the end of the episodes they decided to just be friends, I don’t think it will end there. I’m not saying that they’ll end up together, as a couple, but I still think they’ll hook up again.

It was also nice to see Ron and Sam on screen without having to watch them fight. At first things were awkward but by the time we got to the cheese prank, they seemed quite friendly. Deena driving was absolutely ridiculous and so blatantly staged but was still quite humorous and I also loved the scene where Ron actually thought he could fix the toilet. Very funny.

Overall a great episode. Looking forward to next week!