Jersey Shore Season 4-05 ‘And The Wall Won’ Recap

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around please! Entering the ring tonight, we have two contestants, both waiting to tear the others’ throat out. Here on the right, we’re honored by the presence of this knight in shining armor, a white stallion among mules, Ron! And here comes his opponent, looking ready to…oh wait, he just got knocked out. By what? A wall? Ha, this kid can’t fight!

Seriously though, remember that fight that started at the end of last week’s episode? Well, to start things off with a bang, The Sitch rammed his head into a wall and fell over. Yes, this was just as hilarious as it sounds. To make it better, he stands up and tries to fight again, causing Ron to repeatedly knee him in the face. I like to imagine it with a slapstick-comedy song from the 1930s playing while it happens.

After Mike is resigned to the loser’s couch, Ron reveals to Sam that he’s been calling other girls, causing her to leave the room. Mike swallows his pride and has to have an ambulance called for him, and we watch him get wheeled out of the house on a stretcher. Ron begins pacing the room like a caged ape, and JWOWW is the only girl in the house that can help him, with Sam retreating to bed in tears. Pauly went with Mike to the hospital, and Vinny is left to talk with Snooki and Deena about the night.

Ronnie, sobered up and back to normal, begins rounds apologizing to his roommates, eventually pulling Sam into a room alone to talk. While she’s sitting there making ugly faces, Ron gives her the truth and she leaves him.  To deal with it, Ron starts to pack his bag and look towards home.

Luckily, Vinny talks some sense into Ron and he decides to stay, beginning to pick up the mess he made. On a lighter note, a florist calls and says that the girls have flowers coming later that day. Random, but still funny. Mike comes back from the hospital with nothing but some minor head trauma and neck strain, and he looks absolutely hilarious in a brace.

While he’s trying to deal with everything, Ron heads out by himself for a day to collect his thoughts. Snooki and Jenni find out the flowers are from their boyfriends, and the group heads out to the streets. They find Ron at a restaurant and sit down with him to try and calm his mind.

Jionni calls for Snooki, and we find out that he doesn’t appreciate the dirty talk as much as she does. But it does lead to one of the funniest phone conversations on the show. Meanwhile, Sam tries to apologize to Mike, but he doesn’t really accept it, because who doesn’t hate Sam? Mikes reveals that he feels alone because nobody is checking on him, and a sad, slow song makes the clip even funnier.

Ron comes home to find Sam’s stuff that he gave her thrown on his bed, which he throws in the trash. Despite this quarreling, the gang gets ready to head to the club. But then, out of nowhere, Ron and Mike start talking and making up, and all is well between them. Honestly, it’s good to know at least those two can get over the fight.

The girls head out to dinner while the guys head to the club. With Mike on the bench, tonight is RVP’s time to shine. But not even five minutes later, Pauly D finds himself about to fight some Italian guy who keeps saying “Che cosa”, which, by the way, translates to “what”, making this guy the Italian equivalent of Fred Durst. But hey, the crisis is averted and fun is had by all.

Back at the house, Snooki and Mike reconcile and get over the stuff that Mike has been telling people in the house. In the most shocking turn of events, Ron turns down a girl at the club and instead buys her a bunch of flowers to make a point (a point that has multiple meanings, Ron’s not really clear on it). Sam then acts confused when Ron is mean to her, wondering why he would act that way. If you don’t see the humor in that, then that’s pretty funny in itself. So to make another point, Ron throws out the flowers and leaves her to wonder what it means. And that’s a wrap!

This was the episode of Jersey Shore I’ve been waiting for all season. It’s got all of the insanity that used to be a nightly routine for the group while also letting them reconcile at the end of the day. Overall, it makes me really excited for the rest of the season.

How did you like last night’s episode? Leave your thoughts and VMA hate in the comments.

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