Jersey Shore Season 4-08 ‘Where Is My Boyfriend?’ Recap

Remember that time that Snooki and Deena totally rammed a cop car in Italy? Not only that, but they sent a cop back in an ambulance? Yeah, it was pretty awesome. But now, we must deal with the consequences. The guys arrive just a minute too late with her license and chase her down to the station. But despite all of the build up, Team Meatball is released and everything goes back to normal, except that Snooki can’t drive in Italy now.

Once she’s back, Snooki calls Jionni and finds out that Roger (JWoww’s boyfriend) probably isn’t gonna make it to Italy. Distraught, she calls him and has an awkwardly short conversation about how much it sucks. To feel better, the girls go out on their own, while the guys do the same. For some reason, Snooki is home alone, and while talking to Jionni, Brittany (Mike’s girl thing) shows up. Of course, Snooki decides to play a prank on him by putting her in his bed for when he gets back. Honestly, it’s probably the funniest prank in the history of the show, and Mike’s response is just great.

The next day, Snooki can’t figure out what to wear for when Jionni shows up. Once he arrives, they seem like a perfectly happy couple, and it’s pretty awesome knowing that something awful is going to happen. After all the introductions are made, Snooki and Jionni head to the smush room, while Mike admits that him and Jionni have some “beef” between them. After he showcases some karate (or has a seizure…I can’t tell), the group all heads out for another night of clubbing. MIke, not content with happiness, keeps his guard up and his legs read to kick apparently.

There’s something interesting about this half of the episode. As dumb as this show can be, it’s weird to feel this much anxiety over what’s going to happen. We all know Jionni’s gonna get pissed and storm off, but just watching the events leading up to it is intense. Sorry for the random aside, but I thought it was interesting how this episode really had me on edge.

Anyways! The group changes clubs, Snooki tells Mike that there’s nothing wrong with him and Jionni, and Snooki is dan- OH GOD THAT’S HER UNDERWEAR! Once Jionni sees that, he gets pissed and storms out of the club (called it!). Snooki tries to chase him, but she’s too drunk to even walk straight. The whole group pours out of the club to help out, and Jenni finally reveals to Snooki how stupid she’s been acting. Watching her drunkenly stumble through Italy is almost funny in that she deserved it, but at the same time it was slightly disturbing.

Ron finally catches up with Jionni, who reveals that he can’t stand to stay with Snooki when she’s acting the way she is. They talk sensibly, but Jionni still walks away. Jenni rips her shoes off to chase him down for her best friend, while the rest of the gang piles into their taxis to head home. After they try to make her feel better, she ends up going to sleep while everybody else starts cooking dinner for the night. However, once Jionni finally comes back, he storms past Snooki to pack up his things. They try to talk, but she’s beyond drunk and can only blabber, so he breaks up with her.

Meanwhile, Sam has a realization that this fighting is just like what her and Ron do to the house every time they fight. She actually apologizes for all of the fights before, but I’m still happy their not a focus of this season. As Jionni’s leaving, Snooki runs out to try and talk to him, but misses his taxi by a few seconds.

Yes, this week’s episode of Jersey Shore was very awesome. The season is still charging forward with these exciting episodes, and next week’s looks even better. The gang tries to call Jionni back to Italy, Snooki and Vinny hook up again, and Mike tells Snooki that he loves her. Let us know what you thought about this episode and how excited you are for next week’s in the comments below!