Jersey Shore Season 4-09 ‘Three Men And A Snooki’ Recap

So after last week completely exploded, Jersey Shore is set to finally be worth watching. So gather round, all you nonbelievers. It’s time to shine! The morning after everything crazy went down (Snooki got drunk, Jionni packed up and left, etc.), Snooki tries to make things right by calling Jionni, only to find out he’s not answering. Since she can’t deal with her feelings, she heads out into Italy for a day on her own.

Of course, this consists of her drinking alone in the middle of the day and yelling at people who have done nothing. Meanwhile, at work Pauly D makes the hungover workers angry by slamming plates and making noise, and Deena tries (and fails) to clean a bathroom.

Despite everything that Jenni did for her the night before, Snooki still resents her for not going out with her. Once she returns, she calls her Dad, who is just as mad as she is that Jionni came and left so fast. Of course, Jenni and Snooki make up, and Snooki still says ridiculously sad. While she’s beating herself up, Jenni finally gets ahold of Jionni and finds out he left Italy and went to Rome…or did he? Snooki gets the chance to talk to him, and he decides to come back, even though he was just sitting at a bar. In this whole conversation, Jenni takes a jab at Sam that is absolutely hilarious.

Even after they reunite at the train station, Jionni still has to go back to the states, but he still says “love you” when they leave. Even so, Snooki collapses on the staircase inside their mansion and bawls her eyes out. In the happier side of the house, Pauly D and Vinny start stacking everything they can on Deena’s bed, which turns into a pile of awesomeness the size of two Deenas. She runs into the bathroom to confront Vinny, where he retaliated by grabbing her and rubbing his naked body against hers. Then she gets stuck under a couch. At least one “Meatball” is having fun.

Once the night comes, even Snooki can’t keep being blue and they all head out to another club. On the way to the club, Deena reveals (secretly to the camera) that she might be pregnant (at which point everyone made this face: =O ). Anyways, at the club, Snooki chokes/dances with another guy. Inside the club, Deena confides in Jenni about her pregnancy issue, so she takes her to get a pregnancy test. On the way to the pharmacy, Deena starts crying (proof?), and Jenni tries to get them to open up for them. Once they get the test, they had back to the house to give it a go.

Of course, the pregnancy test is negative, and Deena can continue to drink, smoke and fall down stairs. The next day, Snooki calls Jionni once he’s back in the the states, and he makes the great choice to call her a pig. After a long argument, Snooki says she’s taking a break from Jionni and hangs up on him. Hooray for good decisions!

The girls discuss everything that’s happening with Jionni, and to help everyone feel better, Snooki decides to bring Karma (a favorite club of theirs from Jersey) to their house. Pauly D grabs his DJ equipment and everybody starts dancing in the middle of the house. And now that Jionni is gone, Mike is on the prowl for Snooki again. Once they make their way to the balcony with Jenni and Deena, Mike says that he could treat her better than anybody else could, and Mike drops the l-bomb: “I love you.”

And everything is awkward again. Mike doesn’t like being called a liar when it comes to him and Snooki, and he starts to spread rumors that all the guys told him to beat Jionni. Snooki confronts Ron about what he told Mike in the club, but Ron doesn’t want any part of the drama anymore. Feeling alone in the house, Snooki heads to bed as the night winds down. Mike starts trying to describe his side of the story to the house, but when he starts giving away too much information, everybody gets mad at him for causing more drama.

Once everyone is done arguing, Snooki crawls into bed with Vinny and Deena with Pauly D, but he turns his girl down. But not Vinny! Once again, Vinny and Snooki hook up, but this time it seems like the right way to get over Jionni.

So maybe this week wasn’t as intense as last week, but it’s definitely way more interesting than the usual Ron/Sam drama. It’s awesome to see different members of the gang get the spotlight for once. Next week is looking pretty good too, as Snooki reveals to Jionni that she slept with Vinny, which will probably go over just great. Leave your thoughts in the comments!