Jersey Shore Season 4-11 ‘Situation Problems’ Recap

Well, it sure does feel good to be back to this Jersey Shore business. I apologize for the long wait for the rest of these recaps, because I know these episodes are weeks old by now. But like my Dad always taught me, I should always finish what I started! So where were we? Ah yes, Snooki had just told Jionni what really happened with her and Vinny, and we were waiting for his answer. Let’s find out what’s gonna happen (for those of us who don’t know already)!

So what’s Jionni’s reaction to this news? Surprisingly, he keeps a level head and it sounds like they’re on a break rather than on a violent break up. On the lighter side, Deena reveals that she wants to have sex with Pauly D, so he starts doing everything he can to avoid getting into that situation (good pun #1). Once the gang hits the club, Pauly starts desperately looking for a girl, but he strikes out, heading home with a drunk Deena. Back at the house, she makes hilarious drunken advances, but to no avail, and the crisis is averted for another night.

The next morning, the girls remind Deena about what happened the night before, as usual. The Meatballs dress up like idiots and get drunk in the middle of the day. Back at the house, the guys play a prank on Mike, and hilarity ensues as always. The girls get back and the gang starts getting ready for their last Saturday in Italy. At the club, Sam and Jenni go into “mom mode” as they watch out for the Meatballs, who are drunk off their rockers. Of course, Mike has to go crazy and gets the whole club to chant “shame, shame, shame” at him and the rest of the guys.

Just before all the guys fight, security leads them out safely and they head out to another club. And since the group is so smart, they leave the two Meatballs alone at another club while they all head home. Once there, a group of guys start dancing on them, which apparently is not what they wanted, so they head to the bar to escape them. At the bar, the bartender starts throwing ice at them (I know, right?), so the girls pick up his bottles and start throwing them back. Of course, security picks them up and tosses them out. Being slightly smarter, they head home and leave the poor citizens of Italy alone for the night.

When the Meatballs get back, they start raging through the house and explaining what happened. While Sam and Jenni bond over having to watch out for the Meatballs, Snooki and Deena get in the hot tub and finish the night there. Actually, that’s a lie. They skip sleep, change outfits, and go walk around Italy looking like hookers (their words, not mine).  But all of the fun ends when they fall asleep at a diner. Stumbling back, the girls fall asleep for the rest of the day.

After deciding to have a barbecue and then setting the grill on fire, Ron and Sam head out and grab some groceries for the night. As they get home, the Meatballs wake up, and when Deena refuses to do the dishes, Mike freaks out and gets more things thrown at him for the stupid stuff he said. Things get super awkward as Mike staggers off and everyone gets quiet. Sam and Jenni continue to bond as they make dinner together, and it’s nice that there’s at least a little happiness in the house.

At their last Sunday dinner, everybody gets along pretty well, and everybody reminisces about home and gets ready to head back to the shore (in another episode, of course). But happiness is fleeting with the gang, so they all start arguing about the room situation, and it’s really stupid. Sunday dinner is over, and the Meatballs start provoking Mike to get mad again. He reveals that he’s probably not going back to Jersey with them, and the Meatballs tell him to stay away. Ron and Sam sit outside and talk about how much better they are without Mike, and sad music plays as Mike reveals that he’s stronger than they all are since he can be by himself. D’awwwwww.

Inside, Sam talks to Vinny about Mike, and they decide that he has to either “change or leave.” Vinny and Pauly continue their bromance without Mike, and consider MVP dead. The next day, Mike gets locked in the bathroom, and his monologue from inside is absolutely hilarious. Ron breaks Mike out, but I honestly wanted to see Mike break it down (maybe with his head again?). That night, the gang heads out to the club, leaving Snooki behind to get some rest. While everyone’s having fun, Mike is all alone (cue Charlie Brown music), and he heads to the bar. Of course, some guy “looks at him wrong,” and he starts screaming at him. He turns around and realizes that the group doesn’t have his back, so he heads back the house alone, where he gives a cryptic little speech, asking “whose gonna be the bad guy when I’m gone?”

Well, that’s quite an episode. To be honest, I’m interested to see whether Mike will actually leave for good or if he’ll try to make amends and stay. I guess we’ll all find out in the season finale, but don’t ruin it for me if you’ve seen it! Check back in a day or two for the recap of the finale, and leave your comments on this episode below.