Jersey Shore Seasons 4-10 ‘Damage Is Done’ Recap

So after the past couple Snooki-heavy episodes, does it look like Jersey Shore is gonna start focusing on the others? Not really, but we’ll see how this episode turns out.

The morning after Snooki sleeps with Vinny (again), she’s slightly freaking out so she wakes up Jenni to talk about it. Jenni decides to confront Snooki about what Mike said about Snooki having sex with him, which makes Snooki mad, who then makes Mike mad, and they apparently end their friendship for the day.

Since Mike is absolutely crazy, he calls his friend “The Unit” (really? where does he find these people?) and asks him to refresh his memory about what happened that night. Snooki and Jenni talk about what happened with Vinny, and they decide that she didn’t have sex with him. Mike (who is still crazy) decides to spread a lie around the house and then see who rats him out. It’s actually kind of clever, but in that creepy Situation way.

It does work though. Sam heard Mike talking, and she immediately goes and blabs to Deena. Of course, everyone is mad at him about what he says he did and they promise to tell Snooki.

On their way home, Snooki sees her first nun and then buys a bottle of wine that’s a couple of gallons huge. Of course, since she sucks, she breaks it and loses about 300 bucks worth of wine. Vinny calls his mom to tell her that him and the guys are going to Sicily to see his mom’s side of the family. Mike shares his little prank with Pauly, who does the smart thing and doesn’t get involved. Of course, the minute they get home, Sam runs and tells Snooki what Mike “did.” Snooki freaks out like no other and starts throwing bottles of wine at Mike after a quick round of Tom and Jerry through the house.

Of course, once Vinny reveals that Mike never actually made the call, everything gets worse. And I’ve gotta be honest, I think Mike had the right idea by pointing out that nobody every asks people before just flying off the handle at every accusation. So despite the creepiness, I’ll give the round to him. According to Pauly, Vinny and Snooki did actually have sex (apparently he knows what it sounds like). Oh, and the whole house still hates Mike.

As the guys head out for Sicily the next day, the girls decide to take a trip to a winery, but not before Snooki and Jenni have a little fight in the morning. The guys get to Sicily and it’s absolutely beautiful. They’re staying at a ranch owned by Vinny’s relatives, and of course it’s beautiful there too. Meanwhile, the girls get a tour of the winery/wine cellar that’s apparently haunted (or “hawwwnted” as the girls pronounce it).

Switching back to the ranch, Mike plays soccer with Vinny’s family and kinda sucks at it. And then right back to the winery! The girls are all discussing Jionni while drinking wine, when Jenni finally calls Snooki out for cheating on Jionni. For some reason, Snooki isn’t convinced that she did, so she gets extremely mad…again. In Sicily, the guys have an amazing looking dinner with Vinny’s family and he gives a heartfelt speech to everyone.

Snooki by herself has gone through about 4 barrels of wine on her own, and the rest of the girls are drunk too. Once again, Jenni and Snooki argue, and it looks like maybe Mike was telling the truth about him and Snooki the whole time, and angry once again, Snooki runs away. After everything is said and done, the girls take an awkwardly silent ride home. The guys are all sad to leave Sicily, and they start to wonder about what the girls are doing. So I guess we’ll find out too. Snooki and Jenni make up, and then Snooki calls her Dad who tells her that Jionni changed his facebook status to single (oh snap!).

She calls Jionni to confront him about what he did and to tell him what she did with Vinny. Of course, Jionni is furious and hangs up on her, and Snooki acts like she has no idea why he’s so mad. Vinny and the guys head back to the house from Sicily, and he vows to return one day. And since Snooki is pretty bad at relationships, she calls Jionni and gives him more details about what Vinny did.

For some reason, Jionni decides to give her another chance, which makes Snooki happy, but not really anybody else. Once the guys get back, Snooki asks Vinny about what really happened that night. Of course, he reveals that they actually did have sex, so Snooki calls Jionni to tell him the truth.

And that’s how it ends! We don’t get to hear Jionni’s response or anything! The preview for next week shows everybody getting fed up with Mike’s issues, and it looks like they might be giving him the boot. So obviously, stay tuned for next week so we can find out what’s going to happen! Also, leave your best Jionni impression in the comments below and guess what his answer will be for next week.

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