Jersey Shore Season 5-01 ‘Hurricane Situation’ Recap

Happy Thursday everyone! For those of us who have nothing better to do with our lives, we know exactly what tonight means: The new season of Jersey Shore is upon us! Leaving beautiful Italy behind them in a cloud of dust and grease, the gang heads back to the shore and starts this season right away with no breaks in between.

From what I’ve heard (and be honest, from what you’ve heard too) there’s going to be a ton of drama this season. But this is Jersey Shore, so who didn’t expect that? Anyways, let’s jump right back in and see what’s going to happen with everybody’s favorite band of idiots!

Starting where last season ended, we get to watch the gang head back to the shore. On their way to the house, they all start to debate about who will have to room with Mike since nobody likes him anymore. As they get in the house, the usual whirlwind of clothes flies all around. Oh, and Mike is rooming with Ron and Sam again, because that is a tremendously smart idea. They head out to the boardwalk and swing by the Shore Store, making everything seem a bit too calm.

The next day, the pale guys all head out to GTL and get haircuts before they die and bring civilization to an end with them. Back at the house, Snooki and Jenni are both missing their boyfriends, and Vinny and the guys celebrate their hair. The gang all heads out to meet Danny (their boss from the Shore Store) for drinks and to tell him all about Italy. When they get there, they find out it was a surprise party for them. They celebrate with their friends, families and boyfriends, but Vinny starts crying when he sees his Mom again. Everyone is happy and celebrating until they remember that Gionni is there in a bar with two guys who hooked up with Snooki. Not awkward at all.

Mike’s idiot friend, The Unit, gets in a fight with Snooki, which Mike tries to end by saying “stop stop stop stop stop” over and over again. Sounds like every girl that has ever been with him, am I right (zing!)? Of course, she’s freaking out because Unit is one of the main “witnesses” to what happened between Mike and Snooki. Jenni asks him what he saw, and he says that he saw them hooking up like Mike said. The girls head to the bathroom and talk everything through, and Snooki decides to ignore Unit. As all the families are leaving, Vinny starts to break down about leaving his family again, and he’s not looking too good.

Everyone heads back to the house with Gionni, the Unit and Ryder in tow. Mike starts looking for Snooki, but of course she’s off hooking up with Gionni for the rest of the night. Outside with everyone else, Pauly starts making out with Ryder, which obviously makes Deena mad since she’s wanted to jump his bones for a while. When Pauly takes Ryder back to his room to cuddle, Deena runs in too and sits there in awkward silence, until it gets to be too much and she leaves. But of course, Vinny comes in and goes to bed, looking super depressed. That doesn’t stop Pauly and Ryder from hooking up though.

The next morning, Snooki kinda sorta apologizes to the Unit, but of course things are still bad between them. Mike then reveals his intentions to still try and hook up with Snooki because he’s still a creep. Vinny is still slinking around the house, looking as sad as ever. Ron and Deena meet him on the roof and try to cheer him up by offering him hookers and strippers, but it doesn’t work too well. That night they all head back to Aztec for another night back home, but they get there to find it swarmed with grenades. Vinny is still bummed out, so him and Pauly head back to the house.

Back at Aztec, Gionni starts buying Mike a ton of drinks and being really nice, but Snooki warns Gionni to be careful around him. Vinny tries to get some sleep back at the house but finds himself back on the roof again. Ron and Pauly meet him up there to try and help him through his homesickness.  It doesn’t work too well though, as Vinny looks like he’s ready to call it quits and head back home.

After the end of this episode, we see a preview for what’s ahead, and it looks like all of the drama between Mike and Snooki is only going to get worse. The guys get in more fights at the club, Snooki and Deena get drunk and Vinny leaves the house.

Even if tonight’s episode was sort of a slow build, it looks like the rest of the season is going to be just as explosive as the rest of them are. Let us know what you thought of the premiere and what you’re looking forward to the most this season in the comments! Welcome back to the Shore everyone!