Jersey Shore Season 5-02 ‘One Man Down’ Recap

So you’ll probably remember that nothing really happened on the season premiere except that the Situation got into another situation and Vinny pretty much decided to head back home. Based on the title of tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore, it looks like Vinny really is gonna leave the shore, at least for a while. For the sake of all of us who are fans of the only level headed guy in that house, I really hope he comes back at some point in the season. But until that time comes, we’ll just have to see what happens tonight and move on from there.

So while Vinny and his boys are back home trying to keep him from jumping off the roof, Mike finds his old hookup from season one (the one who fell down the stairs) at the club. When they get back to the house, Jionni and Mike share clothes and dinner while Snooki watches on awkwardly. She continues to keep Jionni away from Mike, and Mike keeps trying to manipulate them both.

The next morning, everyone except Vinny heads out to work and GTL while Snooki calls Jionni. He asks her not to get crazy drunk, and she kinda sorta agrees. Vinny eventually shows up to work as he tries to work through his issues with being homesick. Danny takes him out to lunch and gives Vinny the chance to talk about his anxiety issues. It was really cool to see Vinny’s human side since he’s about the only human character on the show. It just makes me miss him more.

When Pauly gets home, he takes Vinny and the rest of the boys out to get manicures and pedicures (you know…man stuff) to try and cheer him up. Before they go out, we find out that Pauly burned his face because he tanned too much when he got to the Shore. Everyone goes through their usual routine to get ready for their first night back to Karma. Deena finds her old friend Damian and Snooki gets completely blasted despite Jionni’s wishes. As those two leave, Vinny strikes out on his own as well. Everyone heads home with someone to hook up, and I can’t think of a clever joke for that.

The next morning, as Pauly is calling a cab for the girl he was with, the camera shows that she stole his big chain. He finally gets rid of her and heads back to bed without noticing the missing chain…until the next morning. Funny enough, Snooki is the only one to suggest that the girl he was with stole it. Even funnier, the girl comes back to the house and brings him his chain. I have no idea why any of that happened, but I guess it’s more interesting than nothing.

Vinny is still wandering around the house like a ghost. Hoping to help, Ron takes Vinny to the pier to try and cheer him up. Sadly, Vinny has pretty much made up his mind by now. When he gets home, Snooki tries to talk him out of the move as well, but to no avail. Of course, none of this stops everyone else from getting ready to head to the club. Pauly stays behind to try one more time to talk to Vinny. When he finally surfaces, Vinny calls his sister to come pick him up, making it official: he’s heading home. Pauly is obviously shaken by this, and I actually feel really bad for him. Pauly helps Vinny pack up like a good friend and we watch him go.

Next week! Vinny gets to be with his family, Pauly celebrates his birthday, and everybody forgets Mike’s birthday. Crazy stuff, amiright? Anyways, tonight’s episode was really uneventful, serving as more of a build-up for Vinny’s departure. Everyone seemed a little tired of the Shore life tonight, but next week will be this season’s true test. Will it be able to be interesting for a whole season?

Check back here next week to see if Jersey Shore can pull it off!