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Jersey Shore Season 5-03 ‘Dropping Like Flies’ Recap

Last week's episode of Jersey Shore was kind of a bummer, wasn't it? Now that Vinny's gone, who will stand in as the voice of reason? Who will pull Pauly out of his depression? I guess we'll have to watch on to see if he comes back, and if he doesn't, how the rest of the gang handles it.

Last week’s episode of Jersey Shore was kind of a bummer, wasn’t it? Now that Vinny’s gone, who will stand in as the voice of reason? Who will pull Pauly out of his depression? I guess we’ll have to watch on to see if he comes back, and if he doesn’t, how the rest of the gang handles it.

Picking up right were we left off, Pauly heads back to the club to let the roommates know that Vinny left. Everyone is sad for a second, and eventually they head back to the house. Mike brings home a girl who speaks Italian, big whoop. As everyone goes to sleep, Vinny gets back home to his family and has a happy/sad reunion with his mom.

The next morning, everyone starts planning on celebrating Mike’s and Pauly’s birthday. Snooki and Deena have other plans though, they plan on getting really super drunk in memory of Vinny. Of course, they get too drunk and can barely walk home. Luckily they catch a cab and make it home safe…or actually to the club.

Completely wasted, they have a dance-off with two guys and eventually fall over and give up. Once they get home, Deena discovers that she has a bunch of trash in her hair, and it’s hilarious watching Pauly just rip strands out. As she tries to fix her hair, the rest of the gang heads out to the club.

Pauly finds a girl super fast and decides to take her home in honor of Vinny. Mike and his friend The Unit find Snooki and are about to confront her and Jionni about their affair again, but before they can security breaks in and starts breaking up a huge fight. None of the gang were involved except The Unit, so no one really cares except Mike.

The next morning, Mike, Ron and Jenni work at the Shore Store where Mike creeps on some girls, like usual. Once they get home, the whole gang calls Vinny to let him know they miss him. Everyone’s a little sad that he won’t be coming back, especially Ron and Pauly. Trying to feel better, they head to Aztec where Mike meets the girl from the store and everybody else kinda dances around.

Once Mike finds his hook up Paula, he hands the store girl off to Pauly and heads home with Paula instead. They all get home and Pauly’s girl doesn’t want to do anything, so he calls her a cab. Meanwhile, everybody thinks that a relationship is blooming between Mike and Paula. Apparently Mike can feel love now.

Anyways, Pauly’s girl wanders back into the house and just starts…kinda wandering around. She finds Mike and starts grilling him about Paula, and THEN she leaves again for good this time. As Mike crawls into bed with Paula, he starts talking about maybe marrying her. That would be a fun show to watch.

The next day is Pauly and Mike’s birthday! To start things off with a bang, Pauly’s mom brings his whole family (and his barber) over to the house. Mike starts to feel a little bitter about nobody noticing it’s his birthday. However, Deena and Snooki are planning a surprise party for both of them. That night at dinner, everyone’s happy except Mike because everyone forgot his birthday. Cue sad music.

Instead of celebrating, Mike sulks in a corner while Pauly blows out his candles. While he’s sulking, he falls asleep in one of the chairs. Ron puts some icing on his face and everyone has a good birthday laugh. Of course, Mike blows it out of proportion. Back at home, the girls make Pauly a cake but nothing for Mike, which makes him feel even worse. The next morning, Mike has a temper tantrum and eventually dips out on his own.

Luckily, next week looks way more interesting than this week as we finally get to see the awesome party Snooki was planning, Sam in a catfight and the gang visiting Vinny. This week’s episode, although not bad, was just…bleh. Club, drama, club, drama, repeat. Hopefully next week’s episode will actually be as good as it’s looking to be so Jersey Shore can recapture its glory.

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