Jersey Shore Season 5-05 ‘Nothing But Nice’ Recap

Hooray, Vinny finally came back to Jersey Shore! Sure he was only gone for a couple episodes, but watching everyone mope around without him was getting boring and kind of depressing. But now that he’s back, here’s to hoping everything returns to some type of normality. This week, it looks like Mike is gonna get a little more crazy than usual. Read on to see how it all plays out!

Right where we left off, Vinny is returning back to the Shore house. The gang decides to head out to the club to celebrate while Pauly fills Vinny in on how Mike has been acting super nice, which is creeping everybody out. Before they leave, Mike talks about getting a tattoo that says “loyalty” and “betrayal,” which makes him sound crazy like usual. While everyone’s dancing at Karma, Snooki pees all over the dance floor and then takes a “Shore shower” in perfume. I guess that counts.

The next morning, Snooki wakes up early to throw out the underwear she peed in while Deena electrocutes herself while drying out her extensions. Her and Sam then go on to have one of the dumbest conversations I’ve ever heard about electricity. Ron starts to voice his suspicions about Mike’s nice attitude and wondering when he’s going to blow up the house. Everyone heads to Jenkinson’s for some good times, and Mike runs into an entourage of old guy friends. Snooki thinks she has a UTI, so she gets drunk to deal with it.

While the rest of the gang heads to the batting cages, Mike stays at the bar and hangs out with his guys and gals. On the way home, Mike reveals to the Meatballs that he feels left out and targeted by the others in the house. The girls tell him to just talk to everyone about it, but that’s too easy for him to do. When they get back, Snooki pees outside and tries to comfort Mike again. As he’s freaking out on the roof, everyone comes up and reveals to him that his situation is hanging out. Everyone says they’re cool with him, but he still freaks out to Snooki and gets ready to confront the guys about everything.

Mike starts pleading with the guys to accept his apology, but Ron and Pauly tell him there’s nothing to apologize for. Since everyone’s bored, the Meatballs take turns scaring the guys with the bunny suit. To get her back, they all play a game of “Warm Beer” and get a bunch of soot on Snooki’s face. After all the fun is done, Snooki scares Mike one more time before bed.

The next day, Snooki and Jenni get their hair done, and Snooki’s dad comes by for a visit. When Mike’s out on the boardwalk, he sees Roger, who has been avoiding Jenni’s calls the whole episode. When he gets back to work, Mike talks to Deena some more about everything going on with the guys, and no conclusion is reached yet again. Back at home, Mike tells Jenni that he saw Roger, which of course makes her angry. Snooki heads out to the doctor with her dad to get her UTI checked out, and Mike continues to apologize to the guys…again. Seriously. Mike finally comes to the conclusion that Snooki is behind all of the confusion he’s been feeling, so he decides to tell Jionni about their time together.

Next week! Mike makes some more trouble! Jenni and Roger probably break up! Vinny meets a hot girl! This week’s episode can be described as “eh.” It was nice to have Vinny back,  but Mike’s situation was just getting tiring. I’m actually kind of glad he’s back to being evil. Hopefully next week something epic will go down, so check back here for the next recap!